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  • Jim & Janet
    Susan I think that anyone who is offended is not paying attention to the world news. I, and an expected 2000 other peaceful war protestors will be confronting
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28, 2007
       I think that anyone who is offended is not paying attention to the world news.
      I, and an expected 2000 other peaceful war protestors will be confronting attendees at the statewide Republican Straw Poll in Fort Worth. That's right in Fort Worth.
      It would be a perfect time for officials to crack down on a convergence of "enemies of the state". I hope that many from around the state will join us in this "approved" peaceful public event. http://www.texansforpeace.org/
      Jim Duncan
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      This may be off topic, but I think it is important enough to be posted and hope that those of you who are offended will forgive me.  Wayne Madsen was a Navy Seal and a former Intelligence Agent.  There are government officials that post on this website.
      August 27, 2007 -- Financial markets also indicating a September "Surprise"
      WMR has learned from British government sources that billions of dollars in "put options" are being placed by anonymous investors in the United States and Europe. These speculators are betting that the value of a number of stocks will drop by one-third around the time of a suspected market crash sometime before September 21.
      The word from the City of London is that "big trades are being made by mysterious traders."
      The week prior to 9/11 saw six times the number of put options placed on the stocks of companies directly affacted by the terrorist attacks, including American and United Airlines, Morgan Staley Dean Witter, Merrill Lynch, and Swiss Re.
      On August 22, WMR reported on chatter about a possible "incident" in the San Francisco Bay area during the Labor Day weekend.
      WMR has now learned that the Treasury Department plans to conduct an unprecedented "emergency exercise" with some 3000 banks around the country during the month of September. Officially, this exercise is being billed as a drill for a potential bird flu pandemic but the timing -- September -- has some financial analysts and experts concerned.
      Adding to the jitters was the recent statement by former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers about the risk of a recession in the same sentence he mentioned 9/11: "It would be far too premature to judge this crisis over . . . I would say the risks of recession are now greater than they've been any time since the period in the aftermath of 9/11."

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