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'An Engineer's Green Home Check List' Next Green Class?

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  • Gary Beck
    For a small group I would be happy to present my Introduction to Green Home Building session with An Engineer s Green Home Check List . Small would mean a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2007

      For a small group I would be happy to present my “Introduction to Green Home Building” session with ‘An Engineer’s Green Home Check List’.  Small would mean a group of 4 to 10 people who confirm by RSVP email they would like to get together. A class size of up to 10 can be managed (barely) at our office conference room any evening.  For a small of 10 we would arrange dinner of something healthy like pizza.  


      Due to work back log and pending travel I would push the first available date to the week of August 13th.  If a we get 4 to 10 RSVPs I will tentatively confirm the evening of Thursday August 16 at the ECO office. Start time is flexible as well. It can be held early evening like 5 to 7 pm or later like 6 to 8 or 7 to 9 pm by consensus. This ‘Green Home Intro’ starts with an overview presentation and then switches to an informal discussion based around our ‘An Engineer’s Green Home Check List’ hand out. 


      This is the same basic “engineer’s perspective” presentation with improvement as was first presented at the last G. Brown Center Houston Home Show.   It covers the basics of green with a focus helping make early design decisions structural system choices. August 16th is a tentative date based on the RSVP group size. The date, time, and location could be moved if the RSVP list gets bigger and if anyone wants to offer  a bigger place.


      Please RSVP your interest in the evening of August 16 with your preferred start time and we will reply to the first 10 with a firm class date and time. Feel free to call or email as needed.


      Gary Beck, P.E., LEED AP


      Eco-Holdings LLC

      4010 Blue Bonnet Blvd.

      Suite 114  Houston, Texas 77025

      Tel: 713-377-4209  Fax: 832-201-5338


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      Dear Mr Beck,

      I would like to know when will be your next green classes.

      Thank you.

      Raymond Ramos

      Gary Beck <eco@...> wrote:

      This is mildly ‘green’ email with the balance is completely commercial so if that bugs you read no further.


      In case anyone needs a good GREEN* roof call my brother. 


      I just rejected a TDI windstorm roof on a new home because the roof was improperly nailed. Hopefully they can fix it, but unfortunately improperly installed roofs must often be torn off and discarded into a landfill – THIS IS NOT A VERY GREEN PRACTICE!


      The installer was apparently the low bidder who was inexperienced or just ignored the roofing manufacturer’s installation minimums.  It looked like this roofer may have used (maybe) two 1/2 inch nails per shingle! (instead of six 1-1/2" full penetration nails typically required by the roofing manufacturer to meet the windstorm rating).  


      My brother Scott and Brinkman know all requirements for all roofing types (composition, membrane, tile, metal concrete, etc) for all Gulf coast areas. Brinkmen is sometimes considered to be pricey if compared to low-bid companies like the above, but Scott can get the bid right and then keep the crew right if you call him and tell him need a good roof. Scott's cell number is 281-627-0436 and his email is scbeckhou@... - cell is better.


      If ever needed, ECO has a free basic but comprehensive composite roofing specification to help with those ‘low-bidder’ roofers. It was developed with info provided by Scott and gleaned from Brinkman literature. Our short suggested roofing specification covers both TDI zones and non-TDI areas. Call or email ECO to request a copy or to discuss your green engineering needs.  For green* roofing feel free to call Scott or Brinkman, or to forward this email to any friends or associates in the building business.


      Gary Beck, P.E., LEED AP


      Eco-Holdings LLC

      4010 Blue Bonnet Blvd., Suite 114

      Houston, Texas 77025


      Tel: 713-377-4209

      Fax: 832-201-5338

      Cell: 713-530-1950

      * In this case I am defining a green roof as one that will lasts longer due to correct installation causing it not to be replaced in 10 or 15 years by another roof causing the first roof with all that asphalt, adhesive, and tar going into one of our local landfills.



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