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FW: plea for speakers

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  • David Power
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2007
      > Here's the message being broadcast to most of the e-lists for requesting
      > speakers; please forward to your own lists freely. Thanks! Kathryn
      > The deadline for applying to be a SPEAKER at this year's Renewable Energy
      > Roundup & Green Living Fair is fast approaching. Remember, there are
      > generally
      > more applications than speaker slots. Our speaker selection committee must
      > have time to review all the applications, select the best combination of
      > presentations, and lay out a well structured agenda for the four speaker
      > tents. To be considered, you must get your application in by Friday,
      > August 3.
      > Here's a quote from a past presenter:
      > "I presented at this event a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the
      > forum as there was a highly involved and excited audience. The response
      > was great and I enjoyed the festival. For what it's worth, I present at
      > quite a few
      > conferences and festivals in a given year, and I must say that this was
      > one of
      > the best and most sustainably engaged audiences that I've encountered."
      > If you have a presentation you think would be of interest to attendees of
      > the Roundup, and that falls within the desired subject categories (see
      > application form), don't delay. FOR ALL THE DETAILS, visit the Roundup
      > web site at www.TheRoundup.org (http://www.theroundup.org/) , or go
      > directly to _http://theroundup.org/index.php?module=page&p=Speakers for
      > the Lecture
      > Speaker Application. Applying electronically is strongly advised.
      > Counting on
      > regular mail to arrive in a timely fashion may leave you disappointed,
      > and
      > electronic filings save on administrative time for staff and volunteers.
      > Russel E. Smith
      > Executive Director
      > Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association
      > P. O. Box 16469
      > Austin, TX 78761-6469
      > Ph.: 512-345-5446
      > Fax: 512-345-6831
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