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RE: [hreg] Re: 'SICKO'

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  • evelyn sardina
    Coorrect! One time a person posted website on cancer and was slapped on the wrist for doing so. Robert Johnston wrote:
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 10, 2007
      Coorrect! One time a person posted  website on cancer and was slapped on the wrist for doing so.

      Robert Johnston <junk1@...> wrote:
      Spare us!  Sounds like a government subsidy to tobacco companies, alcohol producers, pot-growers, McDonalds, and all the other purveyors of lifestyle diseases that inflict so many--not to mention the medical-pharma- industrial complex.  I thought you guys didn’t like corporate subsidies?  Ah well...so long as it is paired with socialism, must be OK.  Hopefully he’ll include illegal immigrants in the bill too.  The next president should appoint a health czar and declare a “War on Death”.
      BTW, what has this to do with renewable energy?  Is there a free pass to post on this board for any topic that Michael Moore chooses to propagandize?  That’s the only link I see...
      Robert (a sicko member of the right wing conspiracy)

      From: hreg@yahoogroups. com [mailto: hreg@yahoogroups. com ] On Behalf Of Susan Modikoane
      Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 9:44 PM
      To: hreg@yahoogroups. com
      Subject: RE: [hreg] Re: 'SICKO'
      John Conyers has a bill on the table to provide universal health care, eliminating private health insurance.   http://www.house. gov/conyers/ news_health_ care.htm

      Ariel Thomann < ajthomann@pol. net > wrote:
      Perhaps those smart birds can develop a vaccine against avian flu, then let us
      in on their secret.

      - We are all Human beings here together. We have to help one another, since
      otherwise there is NO ONE who will help.
      - All countries need a NO REGRETS strategic energy policy. Think ahead 7
      ------------ --------- --------- ------

      > And doesn't this tell you that you can have the best of both worlds? I insist
      > that as a people we also need to asume more responsibility for our own
      > health. Imagine us eating right, excersizing and using alternative
      > medicine.What a concept! What about our actions? Don't they have a consequence
      > and directly affect our health? I recently read the book Intelligence in
      > Nature. Among so many other things one thing that stuck to my mind is how
      > animals, especially birds use natural remedies to eliminate toxins. They eat
      > clay! This was recomended reading at my permaculture class. The book is
      > full of facinating information about other living beings, animals and plants
      > alike, self regulate to maintain sustainability. It is full of experiments
      > done with animals, plants, insects and even mold to determine weather or not
      > they think and make intelligent decisions as opposed to be on automatic pilot.
      > And for the more sofisticated minds of the group it goes into the molecular
      > levels of the subject. In case anyone is in for a summer read. Later, Evelyn
      > Harold Johnson <Bud.Johnson@ rogcorp.com> wrote: Be careful what
      > you wish for. For over 16 years I worked for multinational companies owned by
      > UK parents. Everyone I knew that lived in the UK had private health
      > insurance, mostly paid by the employer as a benefit. The following is a link
      > that I received today for health insurance in the UK
      > https://www. pruhealth. co.uk/uk/ prudential/ index.jhtml? _requestid= 179712.
      > People used private insurance because medical service was far superior to the
      > government provided insurance except for emergency room service.
      > ------------ --------- --------- ---
      > From: hreg@yahoogroups. com [mailto:hreg@yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of evelyn
      > sardina
      > Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 11:33 PM
      > To: hreg@yahoogroups. com
      > Subject: Re: [hreg] Re: 'SICKO'
      > There are more than capable physicians and care but they don't have
      > the medicine to treat the people with. A few years back my aunt
      > was visiting from Cuba , but her visit was short lived because her
      > son whom was very ill killed himself while she was over here. He
      > was sick and tired of being sick and tired so he ended the whole
      > thing. However people can go to Cuba and get plastic surgery and
      > have no problems getting themselves done. I know this for a fact!
      > Pardon the humor; "A man went to Cuba as a tourist and stayed for
      > a week and had such a wonderful time that decided to move
      > there....... .. He was very excited about the move to Cuba but
      > could not understand why there wasn't anything anymore. He asked a
      > person in town why he couldn't get anything and the man told
      > him......... Now you are a resident!'' Welcome to Cuba ! In a few
      > months one of my cousins is comming from Cuba (he is a
      > doctor) it will be interesting to see if anything has changed, since my last
      > cousin doctor was admited into the USA . We need universal care in this
      > country. There is no embargo against us so if someone is willing to push a
      > comprehensive plan it ought to work. We have the means. The problem is that
      > the drug companies have too much power. If we don't get smart we will be
      > having to get prescriptions for echinecea, and we are not far from that!
      > There needs to be a middle ground in all of this. It is not just the drug
      > companies, the insurance companies are in this game to. We need to go back
      > to having everyone insured be the same carrier and not dump all the sick
      > people on medicaid. We also need to support anyone that is in favor of
      > preventive and alternative medicine.
      > Evelyn
      > Ariel Thomann <ajthomann@pol. net> wrote:
      > I think Moore is making no bones about intending to urgently raise
      > awareness of
      > what's wrong in the USA , and knowingly glosses over shortcomings elsewhere. He
      > is using a sledge-hammer only because gentle tapping is not working.
      > As for delays in Canada , they are indeed well aware of their problems, and
      > trying hard to solve them more than they already have. You may want to google
      > for "taming of the queue".
      > Ariel

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