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HREG April Meeting Notes

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  • Chris Boyer
    HREG April 28, 2007 Meeting Notes The meeting was opened by Chris Boyer, VP-Technology, who presented the agenda for the meeting, followed by introductions of
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      HREG April 28, 2007 Meeting Notes
      The meeting was opened by Chris Boyer, VP-Technology, who presented the agenda for the meeting, followed by introductions of all in attendance (27 people).
      HREG recognized members who participated in recent public outreach presentations including: the Nature Discovery Park Earth Day, the Bellaire Earth Day and the Woodlands Earth Day. 
      Speaker for the day:  Alan Lamey, Journalist for the Energy Intelligence Group, and Texas Energy Analyst and radio host on KPRC AM, "Energy Week".  Alan shared energy trading information and tips on what to look for in the energy markets, and a good discussion by the group followed.
      The meeting ended with networking among the attendees.
      Submitted by J H Lattimore, Secretary and Treasurer  
      (P.S. Joyce submitted these notes promptly after the meeting, and it was my fault for not sending them out to the group earlier.  Thanks Joyce for the write up, and Thanks Mike for the reminder.)
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