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Action - Energy Efficiency vote Monday

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  • Nan Hildreth
    Action Needed - Urge your Texas state representative to vote for HB 3693, an omnibus energy efficiency bill. Although the bill was scheduled for a vote Friday,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2007
      Action Needed - Urge your Texas state representative to vote for HB 3693, an omnibus energy efficiency bill.  Although the bill was scheduled for a vote Friday, the House of Representatives did not get to it.   To lookup your State Representative, www.Capitol.state.tx.us 

      HB 3693 represents a major positive step for Texas in reducing global warming and air pollution emissions as well as saving energy consumers money, and is a bill every member of the Legislature should be proud to support.

      More information about this bill and other upcoming votes is below. 

      Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 13:36:55 -0400 (EDT)
      From: Bee Moorhead <bee@...>

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      Legislative Update May 6, 2007
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      As of Monday, May 7, there will be 21 days left in the 80th legislative session. A number of important bills are scheduled to be on the floor in the House or the Senate on Monday, although the calendars in both chambers are backed up and delays are likely.

      Thanks to all of you who made calls encouraging House members to coauthor bills and request bills be scheduled for floor votes. Two of Texas Impact's priority bills were in Calendars last week, and thanks to your advocacy they are scheduled for the House floor on Monday!

      Please note that some of the bills in this alert are scheduled for action on Monday, May 7. Legislative schedules can change on short notice, especially as the session nears completion. For status updates on these or other bills, visit the Texas Legislature Online's " Bill Lookup" and enter your bill number to receive a full bill history including the most recent possible information about upcoming votes and hearings.
      Still Waiting for a Senate Hearing...
      ACTION NEEDED: Urge Senator Ogden and Lt. Governor Dewhurst to schedule House Bill 109 for a hearing in Senate Finance.

      Urge your local media to provide timely information on the Senate's plans to move HB 109 this session.

      As of Friday, May 11, it will have been a month since the House sent HB 109 over to the Senate. Time is running out for the bill to be heard and voted out of Senate committee in time to pass before the end of the legislative session.

      In response to news that CHIP enrollment dropped significantly in April, Lt. Governor Dewhurst issued statements last week indicating that he was becoming more favorably inclined to support 12-month eligibility for CHIP. However, Senate Finance committee staff said Friday that they were not aware of any plans to schedule House Bill 109 for a hearing.
      Contact Lt. Governor Dewhurst at 512.463.0001
      Contact Senator Ogden at 512.463.0105
      Energy Efficiency
      On the House Floor Monday, May 7
      Action Needed: Urge your Representative to vote YES on HB 3693.

      Texas uses more electricity than any other state in the U.S. and it has one of the highest rates of demand for new electricity.  Texas's electricity prices for residential, commercial and industrial consumers are above the national average and well above the regional average.

      HB 3693 by Rep. Joe Straus is an omnibus energy efficiency bill, which includes new incentives and mandates for public and private sector energy users as well as utility providers.  HB 3693 includes a provision establishing a sales tax holiday on energy-efficient appliances.

      HB 3693 represents a major positive step for Texas in reducing global warming and air pollution emissions as well as saving energy consumers money, and is a bill every member of the Legislature should be proud to support.

      Contact Your Representative
      Find Out Who Represents You
      Faith Based Initiatives
      On the House Floor Monday, May 7
      Action Needed: Urge your Representative to vote YES on HB289 by Delisi.

      HB 289 by Representative Delisi would improve transparency and accountability for faith and community-based initiatives that receive public funding, as well as improving communication and coordination between state agency programs that interact with faith and community-based initiatives.

      Texas Impact and other religious and nonprofit organizations have worked with Representative Delisi to ensure that HB 289 provides a genuine benefit to taxpayers. We are very pleased with the bill and hope lawmakers will move it through the legislative process in time for it to become law before the legislative session ends on May 28.

      Contact Your Representative
      Find Out Who Represents You
      Voter ID
      On the Senate Floor Monday, May 7

      Action Needed: Urge Senate members to vote NO on HB 218.

      HB 218 by Rep. Betty Brown would require all registered voters to present positive proof of their identity along with their voter registration card to be able to vote. This requirement would disproportionately impact low-income, very young, elderly and disabled voters as well as women who have changed their surnames.

      The bill's supporters have not shown that systematic or widespread voter fraud occurs under current voting rules. Implementing HB 218 would only serve to reduce voter turnout in Texas, which already has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the nation.

      Contact Your Senator
      Find Out Who Represents You

      Children's Medicaid
      In Senate Committee Tuesday, May 8
      Action Needed: Ask Senate Health and Human Services Committee members to support SB266 by Senator Zaffirini.

      Senate Bill 266 by Zaffirini is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday, May 8. It is very late in the legislative process for a bill to be receiving its originating committee hearing, so the committee will need to move expeditiously to send the bill to the Senate floor.

      SB 266 would extend 12-month eligibility to children enrolled in Medicaid, the state-federal program that provides health insurance for children too poor to qualify for CHIP. SB 266 also would fix ongoing administrative problems in both CHIP and Medicaid.

      Senate HHS Committee Members:

      Chair: Sen. Jane Nelson (512) 463-0112
      Vice Chair: Sen. Bob Deuell (512) 463-0102
      Members: Sen. Kyle Janek (512) 463-0117
      Sen. Robert Nichols (512) 463-0103
      Sen. Dan Patrick (512) 463-0107
      Sen. Eliot Shapleigh (512) 463-0129
      Sen. Carlos Uresti (512) 463-0119
      Sen. Royce West (512) 463-0123
      Sen. Judith Zaffirini (512) 463-0121

      Find Out Who Represents You
      Jessica's Law
      In Conference Committee
      ACTION NEEDED: Ask conference committee members on House Bill 8 ("Jessica's Law") to hold to the House version of the bill.

      HB 8 by Representative Riddle would enact tougher penalties on sexual predators who target children. The bill would impose a 25-year minimum sentence for sexually violent offenses against children under 14 years of age, eliminate eligibility for parole for certain sex offenders, and make a second conviction of a sexually violent offense against a child under 14 years of age a capital felony.

      For more information and a comparision of the House and Senate versions of the bill, visit StandDown Texas.

      House Bill 8 Conferees:

      Senator Deuell
      Senator Brimer
      Senator Shapiro
      Senator Hinojosa
      Senator Ogden

      Representative Riddle
      Representative Gattis
      Representative Pena
      Representative Madden
      Representative Deshotel

      Contact House Members
      Contact Senate Members
      Find Out Who Represents You

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