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SUMMARY of Planning Meeting

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    HREG, Thanks to all who participated in yesterday s planning meeting - Diane Clemens, Charlie Mauch, James Ferrill, Bridget Jensen, Charles Seaman (the new
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2001
      Thanks to all who participated in yesterday's planning meeting - Diane Clemens, Charlie Mauch, James Ferrill, Bridget Jensen, Charles Seaman (the new guy), and Feliciano Olivero.  We successfully brainstormed and organized HREG 1) Activities, 2) Identity, 3) Goals, and 4) Strategies.
      Please note that at any time any of you may submit ideas or proposals for activities or projects.
      This summary is intended to share the planning highlights and to lay out the process to complete "the plan".  An Initial Plan 2001 will be presented at the January general meeting (SUNDAY 1/28/01 2 pm at TSU).  Feliciano will summarize goals and strategies, through consideration of the Houston region's energy growth and energy reduction trends.  By the March general meeting (Sunday 3/25/01) a Final Plan 2001 will be adopted, containing an updated Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Goals, Tactics, Strategies, and Schedule.
      ACTIVITIES (so far...)
      + Solar Go-Cart - upgrade form last year (February)
      + Earth Day (April 7 - Charlie Mauch will submit application and research getting a fuel cell demo)
      + Demonstrations (for kids and adults)
      + Million Solar Roofs (informing, campaigning)
      + Volunteering/Tabling at the Museum of Natural Science (Wiess Energy Hall)
      + Field Trip to the Houston Solar Energy Center (west side)
      + House tours (solarized, energy efficient, novel approaches, etc.)
      + Participation in CEC (Citizens Environmental Coalition) events
      + Project (solar energized lighting) at Armond Bayou Nature Center
      + Attend Rice Environmental Conference (February 3 - Charlie Mauch plans to attend)
      + Tabling/Membership campaigning at alternative energy workshops (incl, February 24 at Greenway Plaza)
      + Feature speakers at the general meetings
      + Teach or speak at schools
      + Work projects with Boy (and Girl) Scouts
      + Solar Cooking Picnic
      + Field Trip to Cat Spring, TX (Permaculture, Sustainability, RE)
      + Attend building industry conferences
      + Monitor indicators (of city quality of life, energy use, etc.)
      + Research and promote technologies, like thermal paint, geothermal, etc.
      + Monitor for DOE website updates
      + Solicit energy companies to go solar
      + Survey banks for loan potentials
      + Promote solar pool heaters
      + Recruit former Houston Solar Energy Society members
      + Work with Habitat for Humanity
      + Field Trip to UT-H solar facility
      + Read Al Gore's book
      + Read RMI's book "Natural Capitalism"
      + Gather data on Houston - demographics, costs, etc.
      + Get the story on Grid Inter-Tie in Texas
      + Show videos (Infinite Power of TX, What's Up With The Weather)
      + Address Housing Developers - private and public
      + Conduct energy audits
      + Promote Earthshare in Houston
      + Raise funds
      + Pursue grants and/or studies
      + Attend Solar 2001 and other conferences
      + Volunteer, support, prepare for Roundup (September)
      + Continue the 'Houston RE News'
      We are primarily an educational organization.  We recognize the growing energy needs of the region.  We recognize the vested interests of the energy and electricity industries.  We communicate with and inform the general public, public officials, the media, and to perhaps a lesser degree, industry.  We are not an industry group.  We act as an RE information clearinghouse to serve the aforementioned four groups.
      1) Achieve an assessment (inventory) of the region's energy profile, including usage, RE adoption, awareness.
      2) Educate measurable numbers of people, groups, and organizations.
      3) Grow the adoption of RE principles and systems in the region.
      4) Support major events in the area, particularly in conjunction with the CEC.
      5) Support TXSES, including growing membership.
      6) Lead, support, and complete demonstration projects.
      7) Update HREG website - information links, Houston-relevant data, tips, etc.
      8) Achieve recognition and/or awareness by public officials, including those working to implement the SIP.
      9) Produce new brochures and/or documentary literature.
      10) Grow HREG membership, including recruiting former HSES members.
      11) Raise funds, to cover copy fees, application fees, project costs.
      12) Have FUN.
      STRATEGIES (TBD by March)
      Tactics to meet goals (example: letter writing, phone banks, tabling, literature drops, etc.)
      Approaches to Problem Solving
      Contact List (outside HREG)
      Training Plan (assess skills, allocate volunteering efforts)
      Organization Plan
      Focalpoints (within HREG; example: Legislative, Social, Technical, etc.)
      That is all for now.  Remember, ideas welcomed.  See you at the general meeting on the 28th at TSU.
      Jonathan A. Clemens
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