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  • William
    Perhaps I m being idealistic but maybe the investments should be made into the infrastructure and not the fuel. We know that the highest return of plant
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2007
      Perhaps I'm being idealistic but maybe the investments should be
      made into the infrastructure and not the fuel. We know that the
      highest return of plant material turned into ethanol is grass
      clippings (university research). To use what we already throw away
      would be more logical than using our raw materials at this
      point..Then after exhausting what we throw into landfills that may
      give us more time to identify more inexpensive sources. The people I
      have talked to (unleaded fuel users)think that ethanol stinks right
      now pertaining to performance and MPG's, except for diesel engines.
      The food growing loop is experiencing its own troubles right now.
      My personal belief is that ethanol will have its place along with
      other biofuels for the present. The undying truth that combustion
      engines only provide less than 15% of their energy to propel our
      vehilces while electric motors can provide close to 90% of that same
      propulsion. If we can build batteries that run on bacteria then we
      should be able to work on solutions that will take us far into the
      future. Perhaps the greed so prevalent today will be stabilized by
      education and research. Yeah, I know idealistic isn't it. Bill
      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, evelyn sardina <evelynsardina@...>
      > The questions of weather ethanol will eventually be a smart
      investment came up. There is concern that it will not be smart
      because of the water consupmtion needed to grow the crops and the
      fact that it competes with our food supply. The argument is that
      the people behind the money are buying the grain land to insure they
      can use it to produce fuel even when water is an issue. Apparantly
      lack of water and food is not a concern to these investors. I would
      like to add that recently I read a report that stated that there are
      finding poisons in the organic crops. This happens because they are
      using hard chemicals to fumigate the crops for fuel since it is not
      for human consumption, but the problem is that they are next to
      organic farms and with pollinization the crops that are supposed to
      be organic are being poisoned also. I asked about Whole Foods as an
      investment and the argument is that when people's discretionary
      income is reduced they will just buy the cheapest food
      > they can buy. As the price of food continues to increase because
      of competition with fuel and and oil being the way we get to the
      supermarkets maybe the price will end up same as people are paying
      now for quality food. It remains to be seen. Buy the way the
      meetng was very interesting, Thank you for having it. Evelyn
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