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Re: [hreg] Our solar install story and a proposed solar bill...

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  • Henry H Haynes
    Does Meridian have a Housaton office? Or, what Houston area company does the best work? Henry Jessica Drummond wrote: Just FYI I
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 2, 2007
      Does Meridian have a Housaton office?  Or, what Houston area company does the best work?


      Jessica Drummond <jrobilotto@...> wrote:
      Just FYI I came across this today on solarbuzz… http://www.solarbuz z.com/news/ NewsNAGO325. htm.
      And, last week I was asked to give my blow-by-blow solar install story.  Well, here it is.  It’s actually not complicated at all.  In fact, we’ve done it all while doing some contract work up in Michigan.  The house we added the PV system to is in Austin.  So, there were some obvious financial incentives.  But, the whole process was very easy for us.  We worked with Meridian Energy Systems (http://www.meridian solar.com/) who I would recommend very, very highly to anyone interested in installing a system.  Their professional project managers, Ryan and Thomas, did all of the work to convince the HOA of the system’s ability to fit in with the strict codes re: “look of the house from the street.”  And, the PV system was installed within a week.  We had only 1 minor hold-up... it took a couple of months to get the panels (due to the worldwide silicon shortage that I’m sure all on this list are informed of.)  Now, we are just waiting for Austin Energy to inspect and turn on the system.  And, we are still talking with the HOA about planting 1 or 2 trees to hide the view of the solar panels from the street (though in my opinion they are just beautiful!)  It was very easy; Meridian did all of the work.  Now, I just have to sit down and calculate the payback time because all of our neighbors are so interested that I’d love it if all on the block had one! J
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