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Re: [hreg] Re: Flood maps

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  • Susan Modikoane
    My theory is that everytime there is a massive storm, there are more properties that take on water. My first experience of this was down in East Texas where I
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 29, 2007
      My theory is that everytime there is a massive storm, there are more properties that take on water.  My first experience of this was down in East Texas where I saw a lot of properties had water laying in their yards.  It would be hard to conceive that those home owners built their homes on lots with standing water. 
      Recently, I read a deed for an old property, South of Liberty, Texas, that described the property as "prairie."  That prairie is now swamp.
      And finally, I just had lunch with another landman who spent a lot of time and a ton of money leasing property around a dump.  The only problem was that once it was all leased, there was no way to get into it, because the road into it had gone permanently under water.

      evelyn sardina <evelynsardina@...> wrote:
      I heard a program on KPFT that stated that the food maps were not acurate and they have been published this way.  Are these maps the acurate ones or not?.

      William <stangfam@swbell. net> wrote:
      In my haste to get to work I forgot to post the link, apologies to
      all. http://maps. tsarp.org/ viewer.htm
      --- In hreg@yahoogroups. com, "William" <stangfam@.. .> wrote:
      > Hello all, Attached is a web site link to identify your
      > in the event of Hurricane, tropical storm or otherwise. As it is
      > a usual topic in RE, it is definetly "cause and effect" of our
      > development in the Houston areas. I will try to find topo maps of
      > the same areas to find the "high" ground. We have of this morning
      > tropical low in the western Carib. entering the Gulf by early in
      > week. It pays to pay attention as we all know.
      www.weatherimages. org
      > is a resourceful tool as well as www.intellicast. com. On a
      > note I listened to KPFT Thurs. about the "cure" for our energy
      > it seems to be Nuclear according to "ex-environmentalis ts". We had
      > this conversation last month and I almost called in with some of
      > Bashirs thoughts on this. But, without his go-ahead I was
      > to relay his info.. Nuclear is indeed ridiculous, but, Richard
      > Heinberg the day before was absolutely on target! A professor
      > from "The New College of California" economist was implying that
      > a "oil depletion protocol" is needed right now! Globally we lose
      > 2.6% of fossil fuel production a year as our needs are increasing,
      > which obviously leads to a major problem in the VERY near
      > future.Interesting reading/listening. We need a leader, scholar
      > constructionist in government. Any ideas? Coupled with this I have
      > clients who bashed me in saying that "Global Warming" has been
      > twenty-years of the best "brain-washing" this country has ever
      > Yipes! I can understand why we are in so so much trouble, we
      > even admit (some of us) that the writing is on the wall. Bill

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