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RE: [hreg] less austere "green" living

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  • Henry H. Haynes
    Jessica: I m very interested in your PV installation. Could you give us a running commentary (monthly report?) on how it s working out? Henry _____ From:
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      I’m very interested in your PV installation.  Could you give us a running commentary (monthly report?) on how it’s working out?




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      I completely agree with you that we need to showcase the advantages of living “green.”  We just had nearly 6kW of solar installed on our roof, and are the talk of our suburban neighborhood… land of SUV’s and plasma TV’s.  What I’m finding most interesting is that all are interested in the economic advantages of “going green” (even if they accrue over a relatively long period of time.)  We had seriously considered moving into a more “sustainable” neighborhood, but feel that we can be even more effective by bringing the advantages and fun of sustainability to those who have much less understanding of it.  Since much of the infrastructure that is in our cities won’t change any time soon, we have the ability to be the motivators of “retrofitting” towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  There is no reason that we can’t work to encourage the building of more sustainable neighborhoods while at the same time encouraging RE, farmers market’s, native landscaping, gardening, lower chemical products, “greener” cars, etc. in the suburbs and other unsustainable neighborhoods that already exist.


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