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Dynegy Coal Action Alert

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  • Nan Hildreth
    If you cannot join us for the Dynegy coal protest in Houston on March 29, 8:30am at Lousiana and Lamar, can you send Dynegy s CEO a letter? The greening of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2007
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      If you cannot join us for the Dynegy coal protest in Houston on March 29, 8:30am at Lousiana and Lamar, can you send Dynegy's CEO a letter?  

      The greening of TXU, means Houston corporation, Dynegy, the leading coal-plant developer in the nation.  Dynegy is merging with LS Power which has 8 coal-fired electricity generating plants under development.  One of these will be near Waco.  Next Thursday, March 29, Dynegy will hold a special shareholder meeting to approve Dynegy�s merger with LS Power.  

      Because of our huge investment in dirty energy, Houston has avoided facing global warming, so it is crucial that we prevent new investments in dirty energy, like the LS Power coal-plants. The lifespan of a coal-plant is fifty years. If efforts to protect the climate continue their exponential growth, then these old-style coal plants are risky investments.

      Public Citizen, Seed Coalition, the Lone Star Chapter of the  Sierra Club, The Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, Houston Climate Protection Alliance, and Rainforest Action Network are working to challenge these coal plants.  
      Talking points in your letter.
      • Dynegy�s financial position and reputation will be influenced by how Dynegy chooses to deal with LS Power�s coal plant plans.
      • TXU�s plan to develop 11 new coal-fired power plants was a financial liability and potential environmental disaster.  TXU changed their plan to focusing on wind power and promises to help their customers with energy efficiency. 
      • Instead of embracing innovation, efficiency, and progress, continuing LS Power�s plans will take Dynegy and these communities backward. 
      • We don't oppose Dynegy's merger we LS Power. 
      • A small utility in Springfield, Illinois reached an agreement with the Sierra Club for similar carbon reductions and agreed to increase their energy efficiency programs ten-fold, invest in more than 100 MW of wind power, and retire two older coal plants. 
      • The impacts of burning fossil fuels threaten the security of our nation, the survival of species, and the Earth�s capacity to sustain life.
      • Dynegy shareholders should be informed about the financial risk of carbon dioxide regulation and liability that comes with LS Power�s development plans.  62,400,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be emitted by LS Power�s eight proposed plants every year.  The cost for those emissions could easily exceed one billion dollars.  
      Mail your letter to

      Mr. Bruce Williamson
      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
      Dynegy Inc.
      1000 Louisiana, Suite 5800
      Houston, Texas 77002

      CC: Stephen A. Furbacher, President and Chief Operating Officer
      J. Kevin Blodgett, General Counsel and Executive Vice President
      Lynn A. Lednicky, Executive Vice President, Commercial and Development
      Holli C. Nichols, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

      Nan Hildreth, Houston 713-842-6643

      "On playing fields and battlegrounds, challenges that would be daunting and impossible if faced alone are suddenly possible when tackled in a close-knit group.  The people haven't changed, but the way in which the task appears to them has."  Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

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