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RE: [hreg] Lamp Recycling

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  • John Sherman
    A very comprehensive company providing lamp recycling is Air Cycle Corporation www.aircycle.com John John E.Sherman jesherman@earthlink.net EarthLink
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      A very comprehensive company providing lamp recycling is Air Cycle Corporation    www.aircycle.com
      John E.Sherman
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      Subject: [hreg] Lamp Recycling

      Lamp Recycling

      http://www.nema. org/lamprecycle/

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      CFL's don't work well with dimmer switches.

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      Although CFL's do beat incandescents by a mile for energy usage, they do have a down side.

      All CFL's are made with Mercury, a very toxic heavy metal.

      There are currently very few places that recycle CFL's. But you are not supposed to throw them away, as they will likely shatter and release the mercury they contain.

      Fortunately CFL's last a very long time, so maybe by the time they start to wear out there will be a recycling system for them.

      Seems there's never a completely free lunch.


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