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Re: [hreg] Methane to Markets

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  • Susan Modikoane
    I, too, am impressed with Ron Paul. Is he running for president? Edward Kramer wrote: John Lennon had a beautiful song titled
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 21, 2007
      I, too, am impressed with Ron Paul.  Is he running for president?

      Edward Kramer <onekindr@...> wrote:
      John Lennon had a beautiful song titled Imagine-that kind of summed up the dilema between greed and compromise. Our government is designed as a control measure for the protection of wealth, the Federal Reserve System under the guise of lobby and Free speech for bribary writes laws that promiotes consumption- not conservation of energy products. From improper wiring of electric motors, to inefficient internal combustion engines,suppression of competing inventions (water powered cars) to modifications that improve gas mileage, the 'government" MIB make sure that it is business and waste as usual. One inventor discovered inventing a  fuel modification
      device that generates on board hydrogen energy,that a computer chip actually senses when fuel efficiency exceeds the "rated" EPA stated MPG that causes the fuel injector to shoot in more fuel than is needed., hence reducing the improved fuel mileage back to the EPA rated low mpg. Now, our government wouldn't do that-wood it?
      The government has a law that you cannot modify the exhaust system of any automobile, even if your modification improves gas mileage and your air emmissions are reduced. There is only one candidate for president who is on the new train to freedom and understands the real changes that are needed, and that is our Ron Paul.
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      From: William
      Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7:57 AM
      Subject: [hreg] Methane to Markets

      Hello all,
      This might be some interesting reading. In my opinion
      this subject "Methane" has some major validity in the offset of
      energy use. A lot of it can be captured by current industries (since
      the current mantra is business as usual)AND reduces methane levels
      being released to atmoshere.
      http://www.epa. gov/methanetomar kets/faq. htm#1
      The table (pie chart) shows where most of our methane is released
      from, use "view current partners" link on line #10 and click US flag
      icon. I realize this is only part of the solution, being that our
      government has a severe case of constipation concerning actual
      implementation of RE. You would think that we would be using every
      other method to reduce our need for Petroleum?
      Imagine for a moment a world/country using re-captured methane (and
      produced for that matter)to produce heat and electricity as we
      further develop this energy source. Electrified railways to reduce
      diesel, solar PV and solar thermal generation to reduce coal and
      nuclear. Incentives to small business for inventive technology to
      change the way we view energy. Maybe, hopefully in my childrens
      lifetime this will be commonplace. Bill

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