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RE: [hreg] January Meeting Minutes

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  • John Sherman
    Michael: Congratulations on your reelection as President of HREG I attended your October Houston Solar Tour last year, saw some interesting features and met
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2007
         Congratulations on your reelection as President of HREG
       I attended your October Houston Solar Tour last year, saw some interesting features and met some qualified and dedicated people at the same time.Thanks for hosting this important aspect of our energy efficiency commitments.
        I am presently serving as the President of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE),  Lone Star Chapter, here in Houston. Our goals cover a multitude of interests in the worldwide energy markets and Solar is certainly one of interests.
        We meet four times a year typically at the HESS Club, this meeting includes a luncheon and is normally attended by 50-60 members, more when the subject matter is of particular interest.
         Our first meeting of this year will be held on Feb. 20th and I would like to know if you , or one of your officers, Such as John Gardner, would be interested and available to make a presentation at this meeting concerning HREG and Solar Power and Thermal Systems. Based on the short notice and our urgent need to confirm the meeting subject this week,  please advise your interest and availability as soon as possible.
         Thanks and regards,
      John E.Sherman, President
      AEE Lone Star Chapter
      EarthLink Revolves Around You.
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      Subject: [hreg] January Meeting Minutes

      The Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG) held its first quarterly meeting of the new year, January 28, 2007 at the new location, Park Place Library.  22 people attended the meeting.  Most of the new attendees were informed of the group meetings during the Houston Solar Tour in October 2006.  The tour continues to be very successful with increased participation each year.  Mark your calendar now for the October 6, 2007 tour.

      The current officers were reinstated and a new Vice President for Outreach was added: 

      President, Mike Ewert

      Vice President-Technical , Dr. Chris Boyer

      Vice-President- Outreach, Ed Wanat

      Secretary/Treasurer , Joyce H. Lattimore

      TXSES Representative, John Gardner.

      'The latest in Active Solar Thermal Technologies" was presented in part by Mike, Chris and John.  (See websites below for more information. )

      Nevada Solar One

               http://www.renewabl eenergyaccess. com/rea/news/ story?id= 43336 (11 Feb 2006)

               http://www.solargen ix.com

      DOE Solar Technologies Program

               http://www1. eere.energy. gov/solar/ csp.html

               http://www.eere. energy.gov/ troughnet/

      DOE Sandia National Laboratory Sun Lab

               http://www.energyla n.sandia. gov/sunlab

      Dish Stirling

            http://www.keveney. com/Stirling. html

            http://www.stirling energy.com/ whatisastirlinge ngine.htm

      Solar Water heaters

                  http://www.infinite power.org/ newfact/new96- 814-No10. pdf

      Upcoming presentations by HREG members include Ed Wanat at Jamison Middle School  ; Joyce Lattimore at Avance Headstart Program and John Gardner will coordinate HREG�S participation of the Woodlands Earth Day, April 14th.

      What are you doing to promote renewable energy?  Let us hear from you.  And let your elected officials know you want renewable energy!

      See you at the April 29 meeting!!.

      Respectfully submitted:  Mike Ewert and Joyce H. Lattimore

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