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Re: [hreg] New HREG partnership?

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  • Susan Silvano
    Mike, I m sorry that I can t be helpful to the group. Although we lived in Houston forever, we now principally live in St. Thomas and Ft. Lauderdale. My ties
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 6, 2007
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      Mike, I'm sorry that I can't be helpful to the group.  Although we lived in Houston forever, we now principally live in St. Thomas and Ft. Lauderdale.  My ties to Houston continue to be through my business, but I don't get to Houston often enough to commit to anything at this point.

      On Feb 5, 2007, at 11:43 PM, Michael Ewert wrote:

      Someone I met on our home tour in October turned out to be chairman of the Harris Co. Extension agents and he suggested that a partnership between our organizations might be beneficial.  I have been following up on the idea and I believe it will be.

      The Texas Cooperative Extension, as it is now called, has both agricultural and urban programs and educates millions of Texans each year “in the areas of agriculture, environmental stewardship, youth and adult life skills, human capital and leadership, and community economic development.”  Learn more at:

      http://harris- tx.tamu.edu/


      Besides informing you of this potential partnership, this email is to ask if any of you would like to participate in forging this new partnership.  If so, please let me know.  My initial idea is that HREG could provide information and displays on renewable energy, which the Extension agents could use as they teach various groups.  I’m sure there are many other ideas we can come up with.


      Thank you,

      Mike (mewert@houston. rr.com)



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