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Re: [hreg] Methane digesters

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  • Garth & Kim Travis
    Greetings, I never said anything about easy, as a matter of fact I said I would be building a small one to get acquainted with the process. The processors in
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 11, 2007
      I never said anything about easy, as a matter of fact I said I would be
      building a small one to get acquainted with the process. The processors
      in Nepal are built for family farms, not agribusiness. I am aware of
      the problems with temperature, but also the problems of scale. Chicken
      factories have a totally different set of values from a sustainable
      farm, what we think is worth doing, agribusiness doesn't. Cost benefit
      to a sustainable farm is very different from agribusiness. We are
      concerned with more than just dollars and we don't use paid help. If I
      believed the statements of agribusiness, I wouldn't have a farm. They
      are forever telling me I can't do what I do, do.
      Bright Blessings,

      Edward Kramer wrote:
      > Its not as easy as you think. The average horse or cow can make maybe a
      > 1 cu foot a day of methane, which is much. The biggest problem is heat
      > control. The digestor must be maintained at a temp of around 95
      > degrees-That will require more energy input than output in most areas. I
      > am sure the chicken factory farms in Arkansas looked at the dynamics and
      > decided that the cost benefit wasn't there. now you have the state of
      > Oklahaoma suing the state of Arkansas for contamination of water
      > sources. Poultry waste is the best sourcefor methane, but the quantities
      > don't justify the means.
      > Edward Kramer
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      > I have had the same thought.
      > Mother Earth News had an article about providing low income families
      > in Mexico with an energy source via a biodigested(big plastic tube
      > where waste is dumped in and methane siphoned off for cooking and
      > heating).
      > Popular mechanics has an article about a dairy farmer running
      > equipment off cow waste.
      > A beer producer in Colorado uses the gas from the fermentation
      > process to lower their energy bill.
      > Years ago they use to burn off natural gas so that they could
      > extract just the oil. Now natural gas is expensive.
      > Maybe some day some one will pay us for our waste.
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      > Hello all,
      > Have not posted in a while. Happy RE-new-ABLE year!
      > I have been doing some reading and wondering, below are some links to
      > articles i've read. Does anyone have information regarding methane
      > production? It seems as though if we combine a waste problem - with a
      > means to produce an energy source it would be a win-win situation?
      > Taking the land areas off the map for ethanol use and back to food
      > crops, where they should be. It doesn't seem impossible to change our
      > waste treatment facilities into methane producing facilities! Looking
      > forward to your thoughts. Bill Stange
      > http://www.green-trust.org/2000/biofuel/methanedigestion3.htm
      > <http://www.green-trust.org/2000/biofuel/methanedigestion3.htm>
      > http://www.newfarm.org/news/2004/1004/1001/meth_plant.shtml
      > <http://www.newfarm.org/news/2004/1004/1001/meth_plant.shtml>
      > http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5335635
      > <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5335635>
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