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DEBATE with TXU - OilPatch Dems action

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  • Randy Scott
    This is not yet a press release, but it is an invitation to anyone who is interested enough to want to participate or assist in logistics. The OilPatch
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2007
      This is not yet a press release, but it is an invitation to anyone
      who is interested enough to want to participate or assist in

      The OilPatch Democrats are attempting to arrange a debate regarding
      the fast tracking of the proposed new coal-fired power plants. Best
      case scenario would be if this attracts the attention of the
      mainstream media and helps to get the general public aware of the

      John Preston, Acting Director of OilPatch Democrats, is working on
      getting a representative of TXU to participate by presenting the case
      for these new plants. As one might guess, this is a delicate
      negotiation, since the TXU rep almost certainly knows he is going to
      be addressing an audience of people who are already opposed to the
      plan, or at least, not on his side.

      Any group with a dog in that fight...um...I mean, an interest in this
      subject is invited to co-sponsor, especially if you can assist with
      such things as finding a venue (we still don't know how many people
      might attend) disseminating press releases, inviting the press (no
      firm date yet, so no real press release yet) or a hundred other
      things that will make this happen.
      [thing is, as OilPatch Democrats, we all have full-time day jobs in
      careers that have nothing to do with event planning]

      Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone on your mailing list
      who represents an environmental activist group, progressive political
      interest group or otherwise would like to help make this event into
      publicity for the cause.

      As far as I know the date is set for Tuesday, February 6th.

      Randy Scott
      OilPatch Democrats

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      From: "John Wm. Preston"
      Sent: Jan 4, 2007 4:46 PM

      THE GREAT DEBATE! Believe it or not we now have a commitment from
      Jim Henley to serve as our moderator—thanks to Jim Porter; a
      commitment from Tom "Smitty" Smith of Public Citizen to debate for
      the environmentalist side (Smitty was the guy recently in the news
      presenting Gov. Coiffure with Santa Stockings filled with coal for
      his support of fast tracking these coal plants); but still working on
      the TXU representative. Have been in contact with Curtis Siedlits,
      VP of TXU, and looks positive they will participate. Have asked a
      few folks if they would join as co-sponsors of this debate. One of
      the best responses has come from Randall Morton of the Progressive
      Forum. His response is included in its entirety:

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


      Thanks for your enthusiasm. Admire your energy with the Demo
      Oilers. And beautiful newsletter and calendar, thanks for including
      our events. But I don't think The Progressive Forum can be a
      promotional partner, we get many many requests and we don't yet know
      how to be fair to everyone, like some of the online progressive
      newsletters do. Very sorry. Until we do, think we need to stick to
      our knitting. Please forgive me for offering an unrequested idea
      from my background as a PR professional. I think the debate has a
      lot of merit if you can get a TXU representative and change the venue
      to a public institution such as the Menil. You could ask a columnist
      like Rick Casey to attend as an audience member and cover it, saying
      you hope the debate should uncover new insights. I think the Sussman
      law firm is fighting them for free, you could consult with them for
      participation, a second panel member, attendance, or sponsorship.
      You could Google the Chronicle to confirm this is the correct law
      firm. The Mayor's office Elena Marks has an interest in raising
      awareness, she might suggest participants. Rick Casey participated in
      a discussion on SPA's play 1984 at the Menil as a panel member.
      Also, I think Eric Berger covers the environment, but I'm not sure.
      You could Google the Chronicle's archive to see who has been writing
      about TXU in the Chronicle and invite them. Rick Casey covered the
      issue of under funded state parks when the Sierra Club raised the
      issue publicly. CEC should be interested in announcing the debate on
      their Friday newsletter to the environmentalists, another good source
      for attendance, I think your debate has the potential for large
      attendance if you can get a TXU rep. It's a really big issue, and I
      can't think of any other public debate on the issue. I think you've
      really hit on something hot. Keep at it. Thanks.

      Randall Morton

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      The problem is how to do all of the above? The venue we had
      discussed—Mayuri's—probably would be too small. I can't do all of
      this. Who would be willing to pick one part of this and get it
      done? Venue? Rick Casey? Sussman Law Firm? Anything Else? If we
      break it down, we can get it done. Peace friends and congratulations
      on a great idea for starting the new year for the Oil Patch
      Democrats, John
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