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Re: [hreg] Hello from the SunCube inventor

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  • Greg Watson
    Hi Ethan, The cells have no silica. Here is a link as to the makeup of the cells and their spectral sensitivity:
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      Hi Ethan,
      The cells have no silica. Here is a link as to the makeup of the cells and their spectral sensitivity:
      The SunCube has been designed for domestic rooftop applications. It is only CPV system we know of which can be mounted on any roof surface, facing any way and at any slope. This means the SunCube can be mounted on your houses rear roof and thus will not alter the street scape look of your house. Additionally due to the very high power density much less roof space is needed versus flat panels.
      If we take the Australian SunCube price (which includes a inbuilt grid connect AC inverter) of AU$1,500, removed our sales tax (GST) and converted into US, the equivalent installed price would be about US$1,000 before any tax rebates, installation credits, feed-in tariffs or Green Credit (RECs) buyback.
      I should add that GGE has moved away from using peak energy figures with our technology and has instead used annual kWh output. On the GGE site there is an example of the direct beam availability for most of the world. Here is the chart (from NASA) which covers the US:
      Your annual kWhs can be calculated by using SunCube peak power in kWs (0.3 kWp) * solar energy availability * 365. For Houston the data suggests direct beam availability is 4 kWh / m2 / day or for a SunCube (rated under Adelaide skies of 5.4 @ 600 kWhs / year) about 440 kWhs per year for US$1,000. The further west you go the better. Austin is about equal to her sister city of Adelaide (where SunCubes are made) at 5.4.
      Hope this helps,
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      Thanks for participating with this group and sharing information. 

      -  Does the SunCube have components made from silica, which would then limit their production due to the availability and costs issues of silica material?
      -  When the SunCube is brought to the US market, will it be available or practical only for commercial applications?  


      On Dec 11, 2006, at 3:32 AM, Greg Watson wrote:

      Hi All,
      My name is Greg Watson and I'm the Australian inventor of the SunCube. I have joined your forum as one of your members mentioned the SunCube. My earlier invention, The SunBall, won the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) New Inventor Peoples Choice Inventor of the Year. I'm not here to advertise or sell the SunCube but I will instead try to answer any questions that you may have about this new technology. Basically the SunCube uses the similar Spectrolab cells to those recently in the press and can finally deliver rooftop kWhs and less than grid prices. You should expect to see other companies (US and international) soon releasing products similar to the SunCube and based on the Spectrolab cell.
      If you check out our web site at www.greenandgoldene rgy.com.au you will see that the SunCube is in final testing and will not be available for sale in Australia until April 2007 and probably not in the US for another 6 months. So I have nothing to sell you. 
      I'm 60, an electronics engineer, product developer, business man and a passionate climate change warrior. I'm very knowledgeable on the technical reasons as to how and why climate change is occurring and the GGE web site has quite a lot of very strong supportive information.
      My personal list for doing something positive about Global Warming is:
      1) Buy Green Electricity.
      2) Offset your vehicles carbon emissions by buying Green Credits.
      3) Reduce your electricity usage by using high efficiency lighting and appliances.
      4) Buy a hybrid vehicle and soon plug-in hybrid.
      5) Get passionate, inspire your children and your friends to effect significant and permanent beneficial change.
      My bottom line is:
      Don't wait for governments to take action. You have power to make a difference and you can start today.
      We live in interesting times,

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