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RE: [hreg] Re: 100% wind energy available from Reliant

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  • Nan Hildreth
    TXU is the utility I m most irritated with for their hardball program to flood the Texas electricity market with so many dirty coal-fired electricity
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 28, 2006
      TXU is the utility I'm most irritated with for their hardball program to flood the Texas electricity market with so many dirty coal-fired electricity generating plants and increase Texas air pollution so much.

      Another way to support wind electricity is to buy buy "renewable energy credits" to offset your dirty electricity from an online retailer such as www.txipl.org  It's cheaper that way.   If you buy a few more to also offset your driving, then your net impact on the climate is zero.  You become carbon neutral and have thus done your fair share of climate protection. 

      Nan Hildreth

      At 12:38 PM 11/27/2006, Kevin Conlin wrote:

      Reliant is also adamantly opposed to the state mandate that all utilities are required to utilize some renewables as part of the Portfolio Standards for the State.  They recently testified against these standards with the argument that they opposed ┬ôsubsidizing┬ö renewables.  Talk about subsidies, have a closer look at the South Texas nuclear plant in Bay City.  Nuclear power plants have been subsidized to the tune of $260 billion dollars to date, can you imagine what impact that type of development subsidy would have on the renewable industry?






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      Reliant agents are always calling people without ever telling about such things. Scott is right in not being a great fan of Reliant Energy. Not only are they responsible for polluting air emissions, but also polluting the underground water once the radioactive waste is burried underground (no matter where) whose radioactivity would certainly leak into the water , and some of its waste byproducts have a half life of millions of years. THey are not only fooling people because of these unadvertised facts, but also running a sports stadium subsidized from the energy income for the perks of their top bannanas.

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      From: rsaskew

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      I signed up for Reliant's renewable plan last summer and its cheaper
      than GME's all wind plan (though comparable to their renewable mix of
      wind/hydro). What else is there to say, the lights are on and Reliant
      auto bills my credit card every month. Though I'm no fan of Reliant, I
      have to give them credit for slowly getting with the program. My guess
      is the reason they dont advertise it more is they have a limited supply
      and dont want demand to encourage building more. Who would buy all that
      dirty coal and nuclear they have so much of?

      Scott Askew

      Nan Hildreth, Houston 

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