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Re: [hreg] Electroluminescent Lamps

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  • Bashir Syed
    Electroluminescent light sources are made by sandwiching a thin layer of Phosphor dielectric material between two metallic plate (front semi-transparent, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 19, 2006
      Electroluminescent light sources are made by sandwiching a thin layer of Phosphor dielectric material between two metallic plate (front semi-transparent, and back solid), like a capacitor. When household supply of 60-Hz, 110- AC-Volts is applied across such a thin capacitor, it creates a varying electric field between the plates, stressing the atoms or exciting them in the phosphor (under changing stress) to emit light of very subdued hue, good enough for backlighting or where low level lighting is needed without distrubing the surroundings. It's extremely low power and safe lighting source, used in "greenish glow night lites." 
      The light intensity produced depends on the "frequency" of the applied AC voltage, which can be increased by increasing the frequency of applied AC voltage, but it's quite different from the light emitted by Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs, which are made either from known semiconductors or conducting ploymers (aka Organic or OLEDs).
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      James,  ItÂ’s my understanding that EL lamps are usually used for back lighting or accent lighting, not general illumination.  We looked at them years ago for internally lit signs, they do provide very even light, but also degrade over time.  Some auto manufacturers used them for accent lighting on vehicles years ago when that was popular, Lincoln comes to mind, they used them for small accent lights on the roof post.  I have never heard of them being used for general lighting.

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      Subject: [hreg] Electroluminescent Lamps

      I just heard about Electro Luminescent Lamps (flat panel lights).
      Does anyone know how well they compare or if they can be used as an
      alternative to CFL? Are they more efficient?



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