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Re: [hreg] Thank you, thank you, thank you

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    Mike, I am going to speak at the Renewables 2006 conference in Austin Nov. 13. I will talk about the Cool house tour in Austin and the HREG Solar tour in
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2006
      I am going to speak at the Renewables 2006 conference in Austin Nov. 13. I will talk about the Cool house tour in Austin and the HREG Solar tour in Houston.
      Do you have any statistics about this years tour? Any idea how it compared to last year. Certainly we had alot more people at our house thism year.

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      I've got to thank some great people for the fantastic success of HREG's
      Houston Renewable Energy Tour on Saturday. More about the tour success
      in a future e-mail. This one is about the people that made it possible.

      HREG volunteers at various houses included Ed Wanat, David Jarvis,
      Richard Lund, Dave Hanson, George B, Thea Luong, John Miggins, Mark
      Robinson, Adam Ewert, Allen Ewert, LaVerne Williams and Chris Boyer.
      Richard, Mark and Ed were also a big help with folding and delivering
      programs and bulbs.

      Kathleen Carrier also had lots of her friends help at the houses - John
      D., Kitten, Christine, John W., Katherine, Michael S., Tommy S., Chris
      F., Sandra G., Roger M., Abbey E., Lynne S., Steve C., Kathleen,
      please let them know how much our group appreciated their help.

      Green Mountain also sent associates to several of the houses. Jada,
      will you pass along my thanks to them please?
      (I hope I didn't miss anyone)

      HREG Member homeowners - Carrier, Gardner & McPhail, Vanwoerden (Animal
      and the generous owners of the other great houses - Orchid house,
      Marrakech house, ICF house, Tyler, and Toles.
      And architects, builders and designers who helped - LaVerne Williams,
      Robert Morris, Michael Strong and Kathleen Carrier.

      Kathleen Carrier deserves special thanks for all the hard work she put
      into this tour! Publicizing, posters and programs, getting sponsors,
      houses and volunteers, etc., etc, etc.

      Mark Robinson also deserves a big hand for his great help with
      publicity, programs, coordinating with ASES and printing, etc., etc., etc.

      Chris Boyer again did a great job organizing our picnic and solar fair
      and speaking at the program. I'm glad so many could make it to Hockley
      this year.

      Sponsors: Show your thanks to our sponsors by patronizing their businesses.
      Christine at Lost Art Graphics donated her time on the programs,
      Lighting Unlimited donated the compact fluorescent bulbs,
      Mark at Momentum Bay Associates did all the nice printing.
      Other sponsors who made cash contributions were Green Mountain Energy,
      Greenhaus Builders, Harvest Solar and Wind, Environment Associates,
      Dovetail Builders, Evergreen Design Studio, Momentum Bay, Berridge Roofs
      of Distinction, and Pella Windows.

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