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  • Jonathan Clemens
    Sally Evans, Sally_Evans@nrel.gov I am interested in the following publications: BR-520-26591 (Consumer s Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2000
      Sally Evans, >> Sally_Evans@...
      I am interested in the following publications:
      BR-520-26591 (Consumer's Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System)
      TP-570-25119 (Life Cycle Assessment of Coal-Fired Power Production)
      TP-550-24688 (Advanced Commercial Liquid Desiccant Technology Development)
      SR-550-26846 (New Home Buyer Solar Water Heater Trade-Off Study)
      CP-620-25099 (Independent System Operators and Biomass Power)
      TP-550-26148 (Willingness to Pay for Renewable Electricity: A Review)
      FS-540-24056 (Ohio's First Ethanol-Fueled Light-Duty Fleet: Alternative Fuel Case Study)
      DOE/GO-10098-573 (Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives & Laws)
      DOE/GO-10098-580 (Biofuels: A Solution for Climate Change)
      DOE/GO-10099-736 (Ethanol: Separating Fact from Fiction)
      DOE/GO-10099-873 (Advanced Desiccant Cooling and Dehumidification Program Overview)
      I obtained these titles and item numbers from the NREL "Information Resources Catalogue 99", which noted you as a point of contact.  There are 11 items noted above, out of the several hundred listed in the catalogue.
      If these are available, we would like copies.  We are HREG, the Houston Renewable Energy Group, a chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society.  Our address:
      PO Box 580469
      Houston, TX 77258
      (281) 335-1155
      Thanks so much for your help.  Happy Holidays.
      Jonathan A. Clemens
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