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RE: [hreg] building efficiency vs style?

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  • Ariel Thomann
    Paul: what will you be doing the weekend of 22-24 Sep? Consider going to the Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg [ http://www.theroundup.org/ ] with
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 7, 2006
      Paul: what will you be doing the weekend of 22-24 Sep? Consider going to the
      Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg [ http://www.theroundup.org/ ] with an
      enroute stop in Austin to experience the breezeway between the admin building and the
      cafeteria at the Lady Bird Center [ http://www.wildflower.org/ ]. At the latter you may
      also get ideas about landscaping with native plants requiring less maintenance, water,
      etc. Enjoy!

      - We are all Human beings here together. We have to help one another, since otherwise
      there is NO ONE who will help.
      - All countries need a NO REGRETS strategic energy policy. Think ahead 7 generations.

      > If you are going to use large expanses of glass note the following:
      1) be sure to use
      > at a minimum double silver low e. And you might consider
      triple silver low e that is
      > just not entering the market.
      > 2) of course the glass must be insulated. Anytime you use low emissivity
      glass it
      > will be insulatated.
      > 3) you also should consider the spacer material for the insulated units.
      > by Edgetech is a very low conducting spacer material.
      4) also considering putting
      > argon gas in the air space of the ig units.
      5) If you are going to be using large
      > pieces of glass and you don't want to
      see the mullion of the window then you might
      > consider using the "spider
      claw" system of hanging pieces together. This is
      > expensive but it look
      very modern and used a great deal in Europe.
      > 6) You should also consider a large overhand on the top of the roof if
      possible to
      > give the glass shading.
      > 7) if $$ is not obstacle the latest in glass technology is glass that can
      go from
      > transparent to translucent with a flick of the switch. You can
      actually turn a knob
      > to allow more light to less light into the window.
      8) and lastly BIPV - give
      > heliovolt in Austin , Tx a call to see if you can
      beta test their "building
      > integrated photo voltaic" solar panels. The
      solar panels would acutally be in the
      > glass and the energy absorbed during
      the day would go to lighting and cooling your
      > house.
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      > Paul,
      > Beware of blue-sky radiation (it isn't just direct type that will be
      > you up).
      > The more glass you have, the more imperative it is that you buy nice glass,
      which is
      > a good idea regardless.
      > Keep us all posted,
      > Andrew H. McCalla
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      > Subject: [hreg] building efficiency vs style?
      > My wife and I have decided to move to Dallas to be closer to (her) family.
      We've been
      > looking at houses, and it's gotten me thinking about
      > building--I've always wanted to build my own home.
      > After living in a mid-century modern house (on a block of mid-century
      moderns) for
      > several years, and especially after looking at a Cliff May
      > (http://www.ranchostyle.com/gallery) house while visiting Dallas this
      weekend, I'm
      > convinced that I want to build something in the Eichler/Cliff
      May style. (For those
      > of you who aren't familiar with that style, it
      includes large expanses of windows,
      > often floor to ceiling. The Cliff May
      > saw in Dallas had one room that was floor to ceiling glass on three sides!)

      > So, the question is: can a modern, energy efficient home be built that
      includes that
      > much glass? Or will there be a severe trade-off between
      efficiency and style?
      > Paul
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