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Fwd: Re: [hreg] Talk about electric vehicles and hybrids

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  • Henry H Haynes
    AMEN! Ed, I m sure you re thinking of the abundance of H in terms of Water, water, everywhere.... And, that is very true. Also, it s true that there is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2006
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      Ed, I'm sure you're thinking of the abundance of H in terms of "Water, water, everywhere...."  And, that is very true.  Also, it's true that there is probably nothing cleaner burning than H.  Unfortunately, it takes energy from some source to break it away from the O in H2O.  I haven't heard of any better method to do this than hydrolysis which requires a source of electricity.  (I did read of some device years ago that, if I remember correctly, used a rusty iron disc that rotated slowly through water....etc., etc., but I haven't seen anything since.)  So, keeping the horse before the cart, we need to look at improving our sources of clean electrical energy.  i.e. Wind or solar energy can be converted into electrical energy which can be used to produce the clean burning hydrogen which can be used to power our various modes of transportation.   Presently our emphasis  is on improving  the efficiency of the process described above.   That's not to say that there isn't some other magical source of H, but at present that is a little like looking for a perpetual motion device.

      Did I leave out anything? 


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