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Re: [hreg] what's in the water?

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  • Jim & Janet
    Anyone who is a plant lover will tell you that plants will grow much faster and healthier when watered with plain old rain water as opposed to tap water. Also,
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      Anyone who is a plant lover will tell you that plants will grow much faster and healthier when watered with plain old rain water as opposed to tap water. Also, people with immune deficiencies are warned not to drink tap water without boiling it first. I guess the rest of us non-plants creatures have become immune to the yuck found in tap water.
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      The water received contains a lot of dissolved minerals which cannot be removed by filters unless they are reboved by didtillation process either by heating the water in a distilling equipment or by Solar Distillers to get rid of dissolved minerals. These dissolved minerals comes both from underground minerals as well as contaminatants brought by rain water falling in our resrvoirs. Filters only remove particulate matter of small dimensions and none of the dissolved ionic salts or minerals in our water.
      Let me give you the publicized information on the labels of bottled water sold in foreign countries under the "NESTLE's" Brand Name "Pure Life - Pure and Healthy" Here are the contents of these minerals listed on their labels provided as "numeric range" in units of  milligrams/liter: 
      Calcium - 40 to 70
      Magnesium 4 to 15
      Potassium 0.02 to 5
      Fluoride 0.2 to 0.5
      Sodium  7 to 30
      Chloride 77 to 150
      Total Minerals 160 t0 350
      And there is no mention of disease causing pathogens which are not removed by may  filters, unless the water is boiled or pateurized. It the source of many growing health problems in the developing world regions (particularly typhoid, hepatitis, etc. in recent times). I find every-day some mineral deposits leaving behind as a tellowish deposit on the edge of my bathroom sink due to such dissolved minerals in the water. The bottled water is a big deception and perhaps a psychological factor that we are safe if we drink only bottled water. A few years ago,  SBS News -60 Minutes showed the contents of bottledwater which seemed not muc different than the normal tap water, except that one paid for it to gain psychological satisfaction.
      Bashir A. Syed 
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      Subject: [hreg] what's in the water?

      hello all...
      I know this isn't a 100% energy efficient thought but atleast hear it out
      as it does affect your health and water heater among other things... I have a
      whole house water filter unit with a 1 micron filter connected to the main
      water line for my house... I normally have to change out the filter every 2 or
      3 months but for whatever reason my last filter only lasted 5 weeks... there
      is some NASTY, NASTY stuff in our tap water... to see a white filter go to
      nasty so fast is sobering as to what's really in the water... many people on
      this group look for better ways to save energy in regards to water heaters...
      get a filter for the water in your house... you will prevent a lot for crud
      from clogging up the waterheater it's much less effecient to heat calcium and
      rust over and over than just water... not only that, but your dishwasher,
      clothes washer, and whatever else you you use water for will benefit...
      showers, drinking, etc... after seeing how much filth is in the water, I'll
      never regret spending the money for the water filter...

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