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Re: [hreg] Healing Environmental Grief, Sun. 1pm

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  • Bashir Syed
    Having worked in the field of Environment (especially Air Pollution at Rockwell Science Center for two years 1974-75, under an EPA Contract) I learnt a great
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 21, 2006
      Having worked in the field of Environment (especially Air Pollution at Rockwell Science Center for two years 1974-75, under an EPA Contract) I learnt a great deal about our Environment being a Physicist. I have the utmost regard for people who care about the environment and do somethining about it. This basic knowledege propelled me towards pursuit of Solar and Wind energy after my retirement as full-time vocation. Congratulations Nan Hildreth!
      Sometime I need to talk about this subject about other kinds of Environmental Pollution which hardly anyone talks about and it effects all of us as far as our health is concerned: Noise and Radiation (Ionizing, RF, and Lasers).
      Bashir A. Syed
      Retired Aerospace Physicist
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      I was making lunch at 1:45  today, turned on the radio, and tuned in to 950 news.  It was Rush Limbaugh, and he was talking about peace activists and his interpretation of the "Chicken Little" fear-provoking political tactics of the anti-nuke movement. He then moved on to talk about Al Gore, The Inconvenient Truth, and further examples of his perception of the "liberal" tactic of fear-mongering, to provoke fear in others to gain political awareness on advocacy issues. His words not mine. 

      Then, following this track, he mentioned the Emotionally Coping with Ecological Devastation conference and quoted "Nan Hildreth" from a press announcement and read some verbage from your event release for the meeting at the Unitarian church on the 18th this month.  

      Congratulations!  You and your cause have made the national news.  Rush quoted your name and called you out! If you're getting the pill-popping, two-faced, war-mongering, oxycontin-dosing uber-conservative Rush Limbaugh to pay attention, you're getting somewhere. Anyways you made the news with Rush Limbaugh today.  Prepare for more calls and emails. Cheers!


      On 6/17/06, Nan Hildreth <nanhildreth@...> wrote:

      As Mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh Show....Emotionally Coping with Ecological Devastation

      Have you ever cried, raged, or carried a cold ball of fear in your gut over what you see happening to our biosphere?  While such feelings are often reasonable, if they continue too long, they are bad for you and your effectiveness as an activist.  Join Tim Mock and others from the Houston Climate Protection Alliance for a discussion and sharing session to improve our emotional-coping skills, 1-3 PM, Sunday 18 June, First UU Church, 5200 Fannin at Southmore, Room 303.
      If you don't understand how anyone could have such strong negative feelings about an environmental issue, schedule Tim or another HCPA speaker on concepts like overpopulation, ecofootprint, CO2/temperature, and energy supply/demand -- 713-842-6643 for Nan Hildreth

      Nan Hildreth, Houston, 713-842-6643

      "The only devils are the ones running around in our heads.  That's where the important battles are."   Gandhi

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