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Re: [hreg] You should know [Freedom Renewable Energy Services]

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  • dpatterson@guardian.com
    Tks Kirk for the info. I have forwarded this message to my company s chief lobbyist to see if we can put our corporate name to support this legislation. We
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2006
      Tks Kirk for the info. I have forwarded this message to my company's chief
      lobbyist to see if we can put our corporate name to support this
      We have a great lobbyist who served under 4 USA presidents and is personal
      friends with the elder President Bush.

      By the way our company over the past few months has designed a parabolic
      mirror to be manufactured here in USA and will be placed at a large
      parabolic mirror farm in AZ or NV. Our automotive windshield plants have
      been slowed due to the problems with GM and Ford and the automotive plants
      at Guardian have been searching for new biz outside of automotive.
      Guardian is also the largest maker of mirrors in the world and our 4 USA
      mirror plants are all undercapacity due to so much of the furniture
      industry going to China. Well, to make a long story short our S&T Center
      developed this new parabolic mirror combining one of our mirror plants and
      one of our automotive/laminating plants.

      I believe we might be the first USA parabolic mirrror supplier, but don't
      quote me on that.
      The above is living proof that renewable energy is creating jobs and
      opportunities for USA based companies.

      Go Solar,

      Deron V. Patterson
      District Sales Manager| Guardian Industries Corp. | (Tel: 281.793.3618 | 2
      Fax: 281.313.4271 | š dpatterson@...| http://www.guardian.com/ |
      http://www.sun-guardglass.com/ | http://www.showerguardglass.com/ |

      Roxanne Boyer
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      Please respond to

      Thanks Kirk. I responded and that was an easy way to make a difference.

      Kirk Glueck <kirkglueck@...> wrote:
      Please let your senator and congress person know to support the extension
      to the Federal tax credits for solar energy systems.

      It will help ensure a cleaner more politically stable future for our kids.

      Niels Wolter

      Solar Action Network Alert; Support an Extension of the Federal Solar Tax

      Dear Members,

      The U.S. House and Senate have introduced identical bills to extend the
      federal solar investment tax credits created in the Energy Policy Act of
      2005 for an additional eight years: through 2015. We are asking you to
      contact your congressman to support this legislation.

      The title of the legislation is the Securing Americaís Energy
      <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =
      "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Independence
      Act, S. 2677 and H.R. 5206. The extension would provide the solar
      incentives for a meaningful period of time to help advance solar
      energy<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
      "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
      technologies. This extension would be an important step in leading the
      nation toward an appropriate and supportable energy path.

      Options for your personal action:

      1. SEIA and Renewable Energy Access have set up an easy-to-use webpage
      that will let you contact your Senators and Congressman. Click on the link
      below to ask your Senators and Representatives to cosponsor this
      legislation, or copy and paste the link into your browser.


      Please make sure to personalize the letter by adding a paragraph, near the
      beginning of the letter, about your company and how these tax credits will
      increase jobs.

      2. Telephone the local offices of your members of Congress.You can find
      contact information for them at www.vote-smart.org

      3. Use the information below as a template and email or fax a letter to
      your Representative and Senators.


      The Energy Policy Act of 2005 created a 30% investment tax credit for
      residential solar energy technologies and increased the commercial solar
      ITC to 30%. Both of these changes are currently set to expire at the end
      of 2007.

      The Securing Americaís Energy Independence Act will remedy this situation
      by extending both the commercial and residential tax credits through 2015.
      The bill also makes two changes to the solar credits to enhance their
      effectiveness, capping the residential credit at $2,000 per kilowatt (as
      opposed to a flat $2,000 cap), and adding an exemption which allows
      consumers to take the credits against the alternative minimum tax (AMT).
      The bill also extends the fuel cell tax credits through 2015.

      ASES, following deliberation by its Policy Committee and Board, encourages
      the extension of the tax credit for another eight years. We recommend the
      following themes when communicating with your Senators and Representative.

      Primary themes:

      ï The nation needs a bold, dynamic and sustainable energy policy. A
      policy that supports and encourages the development and commercialization
      of sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and
      renewable hydrogen in the near to mid-terms. It must also be a policy that
      supports reducing the demand for electricity, heating and cooling energy
      and liquid fuels.

      ï Congress should continue policies that accelerate our nationís
      transition to renewable energy. The Securing Americaís Energy Independence
      Act is an important step in leading the nation toward an appropriate and
      supportable energy path.

      Thank you for letting your voice be heard.
      Kirk Glueck

      Carolyn Beach
      Membership Coordinator
      American Solar Energy Society
      2400 Central Ave. Suite A
      Boulder, CO 80301
      303-443-3130 ex 107
      303-443-3212 (FAX)


      Renewable energy Renewable energy Renewable energy
      resources sources

      Renewable energy Renewable energy Renewable energy news
      system credit


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