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Re: [hreg] Is it just me?

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  • Roxanne Boyer
    Tell the locals the wind farm can be replaced with a nuclear power plant or a coal power plant -their choice. Charles L. Seaman wrote:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2006
      Tell the locals the wind farm can be replaced with a nuclear power plant or a coal power plant -their choice.

      "Charles L. Seaman" <seamancl@...> wrote:
      > Or has the point been lost on some people? I have
      > heard nonesense in my time, but somebody please tell
      > me these people are not sniffing paint?
      > Lawsuit seeks to stop wind farm
      > BLOOMINGTON -- A Bloomington attorney compared a $500
      > million wind farm set for construction in eastern
      > McLean County to a psychedelic disco party that will
      > have nearby residents vomiting in their back yards.
      > In a lawsuit filed last week, attorney Jack Vieley
      > accuses the McLean County Board and Horizon Wind
      > Energy of ignoring or downplaying the potential
      > dangers of the facility, including high voltage,
      > cancer risk and noise and shadow pollution, among
      > other complaints.
      > He’s representing Lawrence and Rene Taylor, an
      > Ellsworth family living near the future Twin Groves
      > Wind Farm. Vieley is seeking an administrative review
      > of the project to delay or potentially prohibit
      > construction.
      > Vieley also seeks to force Horizon to pay fair market
      > value for his clients’ home, claiming the Taylors’
      > quality of life and property value have been
      > diminished.
      > Horizon chief development officer Michael Skelly noted
      > the numerous safety and noise assessment studies on
      > this project.
      > They can be viewed online at www.horizonwind.com.
      > "There are some extensive studies that have been done
      > on the impacts of this project. It’s fairly clear that
      > we’re not hiding anything from anybody," Skelly said.
      > "Sometimes people have issues and it’s a subjective
      > thing," Skelly said. "We work with a lot of
      > (residents) to alleviate these concerns with
      > landscaping. The landscaping is typically focused
      > around people’s yards so the wind farm is less
      > noticeable."
      > Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Hug said the county
      > provided ample notice and time for residents to
      > express concerns before the county approved the
      > project. The County Board also read an adequate amount
      > of research on the safety aspects of the project, he
      > said.
      > Vieley said moving shadows from up to 267 turbines
      > will have a hypnotizing effect and likely make nearby
      > residents nauseous.
      > "It has a psychedelic effect. I’ve been to disco
      > parties where there are flashing lights or strobe
      > lights and people have had to go outside to vomit. I
      > think that’s what will happen here. You’ll have people
      > vomiting in their back yards," said Vieley, who said
      > he expects more Ellsworth residents to join the case.
      > "If a tornado came through here, you could have mass
      > destruction or mass death if one of these things came
      > cycling through town," he added. "I’m telling you, if
      > some kid gets cut by one of these blades or someone is
      > injured, you’ll say, ‘Old Jack wasn’t so crazy.'"
      > Construction should begin within the next month,
      > Skelly said, and the farm should be partially
      > operational this fall. The farm is expected to provide
      > energy to around 120,000 homes.
      > http://www.pantagraph.com/articles/2...1019768302.txt
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      Sorry, "OLD Jack" is just crazy.
      Charles L. Seaman, Hou., Tx

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