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Re: [hreg] Pakistan to install 650mw wind energy by 2007

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  • Bashir Syed
    Mr. Will Thurmond: Thanks! We are aware of all these new announcements by the government of Pakistan, which have been heard since 1989. Air Marshal Shahid
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2006
      Mr. Will Thurmond:
      Thanks! We are aware of all these new announcements by the government of Pakistan, which have been heard since 1989. Air Marshal Shahid Hamid, an acquaintance, has been doing this publicity for some time. The taste of the pudding is through eating. We will see which way the wind blows. But now it seems that some action will take place due to growing population and ever increasing cost of fossil fuels used for generation of electricity. Regards,
      Bashir A. Syed 
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      Subject: [hreg] Pakistan to install 650mw wind energy by 2007

      Dear Bashir and others concerned with Pakistan and/or wind energy:

      In the news today  - I thought it would be of interest to Bashir and others interested in Wind Energy projects world-wide: I am observing lots of new "targets" being established around the world for wind energy as percentages of total power gen.  I'm seeing this in Europe, and also now in many other countries - national decrees and goals. New Zealand is also doing this. 

      Article follows below


      Daily Times of Pakistan

      Sunday, May 21, 2006E-Mail this article to a friend Printer Friendly Version

      650mw wind energy by 2007, says AEDB chairman

      Staff Report

      KARACHI: Air Marshal Shahid Hamid (retd), Chairman of the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), said here on Saturday 13 leading investors had been given letters of commitment to install wind power turbines and as a result 650 megawatts of wind power would be injected into the national grid by the end of 2007.

      At a meeting with Acting President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Sheikh Muhammad Aslam and members of the FPCCI here in the Federation House, he said that the mid-term development plan of the AEDB included development of wind and solar energy to meet at least 5% of the total installed capacity, that is, 9,700MW by 2030.

      The AEDB will facilitate the installation of a 700-MW wind energy project near Gharo, Sindh, by 2010. It will also facilitate the development of solar products such as solar lights, solar fans, solar cooker, solar geyser through the private sector, he added.

      The AEDB chairman said that as a result of the analysis of three-year data of general area of Gharo-Keti Bandar provided by the Met office, the AEDB has identified the potential of 50,000MW wind power. He said that the Board was in liaison with the government of Sindh for identification and acquisition of land in the area and has so far acquired 18,000 acres.

      Giving details of the pilot project for development and installation of micro- wind turbines, he said that 85 micro turbines had been installed in Mirpur Sakro, District Thatta, to provide electricity to 356 houses, 15 turbines have been installed in Kund Malir, District Lasbella, providing electricity to 111 homes, 40 turbines have been given to the government of Balochistan and one turbines is to be installed in AJK on trial basis.

      Mr Hamid said that the AEDB is also exploiting solar energy and has executed a project to provide 100 solar homes in each province. The villages where the project has been executed include Allah Baksh, Bazar Dadar, District Kech, Balochistan; Bharo Mal, District Thar, Sindh; Janak, district Kohat, NWFP; and Lakhi Bher, district D G Khan, Punjab.

      He said that Northern Areas has the potential for more than 300MW and the canal network in Punjab has the potential for more than 350MW through micro hydropower projects. A 40KW Kaplan-type micro hydel turbine has been indigenously manufactured which has been installed at Khanpur Dan canal near the village of Mohra Morado, Taxila, providing electricity to the village.

      On the proposal of Tariq Sayeed, former president of the FPCCI, Mr Hamid promised to recommend to the prime minister to include a representative of the FPCCI on the AEDB. He also agreed to hold consultative meetings with FPCCI members every two months to interact with entrepreneurs.

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