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RE: Grid tie anywhere.........Edits

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  • Andrew McCalla
    Sorry, ...early morning typing not as effective..more coffee: I meant we have elected/been obliged to embrace that definition of the EPA which John Miggins
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      …….early morning typing not as effective……more coffee:


      I meant “we have elected/been obliged to embrace that definition of the EPA which John Miggins put forth”………


      And “none of those systems have interconnection agreements that allow full retail compensation for overproduction.”


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      i'd love andrew to name just ONE electricity provider for houston that would offer anything at all resembling net metering.   just one.  i would bet andrew a 40k watt system he can't.


      so hey folks, all this stuff is great in theory, but for the time being, the cost benefit just does not work in purely financial terms.  period.  hands down.  hopefully sometime it will work.


      and the easy to work with centerpoint energy comment he made?  that's a serious overstatement.  few at centerpoint have a handle on a solar install, number one.  number two, if if you find someone who understands it, centerpoint is not the provider/biller through your meter.  its a miniumum two tier system now.  centerpoint has nothing to do with the issue of net metering, period.

      and that's the problem with the law in texas that seemingly allows you the right for a net meter.

      andrew...  i think you ought to present a more realistic picture of the situation and save everyone a whole lot of time and trouble.  i sense in fact, you are naive and ought to do some homework.



      From:  Lunce <Lunce@...>
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      Subject:  Re: [hreg] Grid tie in Houston
      Date:  Sun, 14 May 2006 10:40:03 -0500
      >Oh No, is my language getting in the way again? We all know that
      >investing in renewables is based on personal confiction and self
      >reliance - outside of financial considerations. Financial consideration
      >if available are wonderful obviously.
      >I will cut and paste Green Mountain 's response below. No reason to
      >public name or get any employees in trouble if they are not completely
      >informed. If you know who I need to talk with at Green Mountain , please
      >email name and contact information to me.
      >Thank you!
      >Thank you for contacting Green Mountain Energy Company and thank you for choosing Green Mountain Energy electricity and helping to clean the air we breathe.
      >Unfortunately, we do not offer any rebates for customers who install solar panels and we do not have any provisions for purchasing power from home owners, either.  There are a few providers in Texas who offer these programs, though.  These providers are city-owned municipalities who can use funds appropriated by the government to encourage residents to install personal solar arrays and reduce energy usage.
      >While we are committed to promoting renewable energy in all forms, it is not financially feasible for Green Mountain Energy to offer these programs.  Through the Big Texas Sun Club, our customers' contributions have helped us install solar arrays across Texas to help non-profit organizations and promote the use of solar energy to the communities they serve.
      >For your convenience, Green Mountain Energy Company offers several beneficial features:
      >1. Enroll in Auto-Pay - On or after your due date, the amount due will be automatically withdrawn from the payment source you have chosen.  Visit the "My Account" section on our website to print and mail the enrollment form. https://www.greenmountain.com/my_account/autopay.jsp
      >2. Web- log on to the 'My Account' section on our website at: https://www.greenmountain.com/my_account/index.jsp.  You will need your account number and password to access 'My Account.' If you do not have your password, you can receive a password reminder email if you click this link: https://www.greenmountain.com/my_account/reminder.jsp
      >3. Big Texas Sun Club- Just by paying a $5.00 monthly membership fee, you can support new solar energy in the state of Texas .
      > * A tree will be planted on your behalf in the Green Mountain Energy forest, right here in Texas .
      > * You are provided with a dedicated 800# for all your customer service needs
      > * You will receive a subscription to the Big Texas Sun Club Online Newsletter
      >Green Mountain Energy Company was founded on two basic principles - to provide people with a way to help change the way power is made, and to care for our customers like no other electricity provider in the world. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 1-866-785-4668.
      >Andrew McCalla wrote:
      > > Lunce,
      > >
      > > I think you might have either been speaking with the wrong person or
      > > using language confusing to them. Buy energy back is only an issue
      > > if a given facility is a _net_ energy exporter at the end of the
      > > period of accountability (billing period). However, within that ~30
      > > day period, a given facility might be buying and selling hundreds
      > > of times depending upon two factors: system performance and energy
      > > consumption. With whom were you speaking there?
      > >
      > > JG,
      > >
      > > Net metering is a possibility in the Houston area, as well as others,
      > > within that definition and depending upon service providers. I realize
      > > it is not the truest form where excess production is credited, but as
      > > a few have noted on this post, that almost never happens anyway.
      > >
      > > Andrew H. McCalla
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