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Re: [hreg] Resolution - renewable and efficiency

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  • refuge@wt.net
    this is good and all but Rita and Katrina happened in 2005... he needs to double check his history... those are events that will not soon be forgotten... if
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2006
      this is good and all but Rita and Katrina happened in 2005... he needs to
      double check his history... those are events that will not soon be
      forgotten... if ever...

      Quoting Nan Hildreth <nanhildreth@...>:

      > Peter Wang drafted an excellent resolution for energy efficiency and
      > renewable energy to his Republican Precinct Convention and it
      > passed. For more info, contact him at <kf5nd@...>
      > Resolution Supporting Alternative Energy Measures for Texas
      > WHEREAS, The President of the United States declared on January 31,
      > 2006, that "America is addicted to oil which is often imported from
      > unstable parts of the world";
      > WHEREAS, the American economy and private citizens are highly
      > dependent on the premise of inexpensive, and freely-available
      > high-density energy sources such as oil and natural gas;
      > WHEREAS, Texas oil extraction has fallen since 1972, United States
      > oil extraction has fallen since 1985, and now Texas imports more oil
      > than it extracts; the price of oil has risen, and experts warn of
      > continuing price volatility into the foreseeable future; and
      > America's dependence on foreign oil suppliers risks our national
      > security by making us dependent on funding terroristic, Socialistic,
      > and despotic politically unstable regimes;
      > WHEREAS, a wide range of energy industry experts believe that we will
      > soon reach the point where half of the oil that will ever be
      > profitably extracted from the earth will have been extracted, the
      > so-called "Peak Oil" phenomenon, which has become widely accepted in
      > the last year, and that abiotic, or non-fossil, sources of oil &
      > natural gas are not a significant source of commercial reserves;
      > WHEREAS, the super-giant oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Kuwait,
      > and Russia which supply a sizeable proportion of world oil production
      > are going into decline, and reputable experts warn that they are
      > being pushed to overproduce which could lead to collapse of their
      > production, and oil production from two of our friendly allies, the
      > United Kingdom and Norway have fallen since 1999 and 2001 respectively;
      > WHEREAS, the world demand for oil continues to climb inexorably,
      > year-after-year, as countries such as China and India experience
      > rapid industrialization;
      > WHEREAS, the Nation is currently ill-prepared to weather the kinds of
      > price shocks and supply disruptions that a worst-case Peak Oil
      > scenario would bring, such as Harris County had a foretaste of during
      > the Hurricane Katrina and Rita emergencies of 2006;
      > WHEREAS, a large portion of government spending is related to energy
      > - Police & Fire vehicles, school buses, METRO buses & trains, trucks,
      > air conditioning, heating, and lighting, and highway and road building;
      > BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Harris County Republican Party
      > supports energy efficiency and renewable energy measures that create
      > economic growth & opportunity, save money for families, reduce
      > government spending to secure our energy supply, reduce air
      > pollution, and generate a positive return on investment.
      > Submitted to and Adopted by Precinct Number: _________, Harris County, Texas
      > Precinct Convention Secretary (signature)
      > ___________________________on March 8, 2006
      > Respectfully drafted by:
      > Peter Wang, P.G., M.S., M.B.A.
      > Texas Registered Professional Geoscientist, License #3248
      > Senior Geoscientist in the Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Industry
      > Harris County Precinct # 651
      > For more information: www.houstonpeakoil.org
      > Nan Hildreth, Houston
      > 713-842-6643 NanHildreth@...
      > 713-443-3104 cell
      > 3939 Luca St.
      > Houston, Tx 77021

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