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Re: [hreg] what will it take to lower electric rates?

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  • refuge@wt.net
    it s sad how greedy some people and companies get... you are right about the post office... last time I went there was a real long line of people with just 1
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2006
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      it's sad how greedy some people and companies get... you are right about the
      post office... last time I went there was a real long line of people with just
      1 person helping people and a bunch of signs saying "this window is closed"...
      thankfully the price of natural gas is going down and hopefully the price per
      KWH will follow suite soon... how much do you think swithing to a smaller
      electric company can really affect prices? I switched to Gexa the day
      deregualtion happened as I'm glad they have much lower overhead and no
      stadiums named after them like Reliant... besides Reliant had the absolute
      worst customer service I've ever experienced... I couldn't wait to switch as I
      never want another dime to go from my pocket to them...

      Quoting Bashir Syed <bsyed@...>:

      > The utility rates are increasing everywhere in the world, like all other
      > amenities of life. When Johny Carson was alive, he used to joke around
      > whenever the Post Office increased the prices of the Postage Stamps: "You
      > know why they increased the price of postage?" The answer is that they want
      > to buy more signs "This Window is Closed!" Just pay attention to his words,
      > and pay a visit to the post office near your area, and you will find this
      > statement to be true. Similarly, the price hikes of utilities are JUSTIFIED
      > by the utility companies blaming on the cost of GAS used to generate
      > electricity, or something else. It's all tied to the Multi-National Companies
      > in the age of Globalization calling the shots. Just notice the exorbnitant
      > profits of Exxon-Mobil amounting to about $32 Billion dollars just recently
      > mentioned in the Business News. The problem lies with the Chimney Effet, that
      > hot gases arise to the top, similarly all the money earned by these
      > corporation the largest amount is paid (in the form of salaries, stock
      > options, etc.) to the CEO's sitting on the apex of the corporate pyramids.
      > Why would a utility company go out and buy Stadiums built on the shoulders of
      > local tax-payers. Just ponder about these questions, and keep in min mind the
      > 27,000 lobbyists in Washington, some of whom were elected by us sometime ago,
      > but as they moved out of the halls of power, hey got the ticket to influence
      > their buddies in the gym.
      > It's a problem all over the world. In a developing country like Pakistan
      > every second or third week the government hikes up the prices of utilities,
      > petrol, and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) because the World Bank is twisting
      > the arms of the politicians to recover the loans from a country, where very
      > few pay(salaried employees) taxes, and the rich pay the tax collector to
      > reduce their taxes after lining their pockets. This how the world goes
      > around!
      > Bashir A. Syed
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      > Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 7:25 PM
      > Subject: [hreg] what will it take to lower electric rates?
      > please read the article taken from HoustonChronicle.com below and answer
      > the
      > question... will having more people going away from Reliant Energy and to
      > the
      > smaller electric companies really lower rates? thanks
      > Feb. 22, 2006, 10:35PM
      > Lower electricity price to beat to reflect declining gas prices
      > Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle
      > COMPETITION was supposed to bring Texans electricity that would be cheaper
      > than it would be under a regulated system. Years after competition was
      > introduced, retail customers in deregulated areas of Texas pay rates as
      > high
      > as any in the nation and well above the national average.
      > In Houston, the monthly electricity bill for a typical Reliant customer has
      > risen from below $90 to more than $160 since the market was restructured in
      > 2002. This so-called price to beat compares unfavorably to much lower rates
      > charged by municipally owned utilities, whose customers have no choice in
      > their provider and need not endure the joys of competition.
      > Texas Public Utility Commission Chairman Paul Hudson proposes to lower the
      > exorbitant price to beat to reflect the true market costs of providing
      > electricity. The rates of Reliant and other dominant companies were set to
      > reflect high natural gas prices following Hurricane Katrina. Since then gas
      > prices have declined, but not the maximum electricity rate. In January
      > 2007,
      > providers can charge whatever the market will bear.
      > Hudson's proposal, which is supported by the state's Office of Public
      > Utility
      > Counsel, also would prohibit electricity providers from locking their
      > customers into long-term contracts at the maximum rate without their
      > consent.
      > Fairness and the public interest require the other two PUC members to look
      > favorably on Hudson's proposal when they consider it today.
      > Whatever the outcome at the PUC, every electricity customer owes it to
      > himself
      > to shop for the most affordable rates and most convenient terms of service.
      > Watch for companies that charge extra for transmission and other services.
      > Consumers can comparison shop at powertochoose.org. Only when most
      > Houston-
      > area customers have shopped for a cheaper electricity provider will
      > competition provide the affordable rates envisioned by deregulation.
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