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Energy Giants

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  • Roxanne Boyer
    Shell just sold off all their silicon based PV business to a German firm. Shell was having a hard time securing silicon. Now they are focussing on CIS. The
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 16, 2006
      Shell just sold off all their silicon based PV business to a German firm.  Shell was having a hard time securing silicon. Now they are focussing on CIS. 
      The giants can be seen as enemies or as allies.  They are spending more money on R&D research in renewables than the governments (as it should be). 
      We as energy consumers need to allow and encourange the big energy companies to set up the market/finance structure that is needed for renewables, and yet at the same time, encourage our politicians to make rules that balance corporate profit, small business opportinity, and consumer freedom/benefit.  Before that, we have to figure out what such market would look like, and what laws could put a fair system in place.  Any ideas?

      Bashir Syed <bsyed@...> wrote:
      You are right. But silent revolution had been occuring without the knowledge of Consumers. Or things were set in motion behind the scenes to acquire companies dealing with Solar or Wind energy and the three giants went on a frenzy of buying these companies to line themselves up for the day when the consumers would turn to RE after getting fed up due to rising Energy prices, thus for eventual control of almost total energy market (~ 75%), with Shell as No. 1 (solar PV only), BP no. 2 (solar PV only), and GE #3 (Solar & Wind - both) after buying out Zond (Bankrupt ENRON's Wind Division) and more in Europe. This is called Globalization! Just wait and see how the three "Musketeers" will dictate and control the Market. But we still have room to wiggle in the remaining 25% of the market. Plus the emerging new technologies (CIS and Plastic Solar Cells) do hold the promise  as an alternate to Silicon.
      Bashir A. Syed

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