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Bush - "America is Addicted to Oil"

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  • Nan Hildreth
    Opec keeps oil extraction steady. Analysts worry high prices will spark investment in alternative energy.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Opec keeps oil extraction steady. Analysts worry high prices will
      spark investment in alternative energy.

      I love Houston Chronicle's editorial on the State of the Union:

      "Bush also deserves credit for abandoning a national energy policy
      predicated almost entirely on more drilling for oil and gas.
      Belatedly, the president admitted that Americans will remain
      dependent on precarious foreign oil supplies until they change the
      way they power their automobiles."

      "While Bush deplored government corruption and unethical behavior, he
      declined the opportunity to condemn the sale of the machinery of
      government to corporate lobbyists in exchange for campaign
      contributions. Perhaps he felt to do so would appear hypocritical."

      More relevant Chronicle news

      Bush says U.S. is in Iraq 'to win'
      He calls for end to dependence on foreign oil, new reforms for
      health, education
      <snip> "On a domestic issue tied to foreign relations in the Middle
      East and elsewhere, Bush, a former West Texas oilman, labeled the
      country "addicted to oil" and called for replacing more than 75
      percent of Middle Eastern oil imports by 2025."<snip>

      '"America is addicted to oil which is often imported from unstable
      parts of the world," Bush said in the speech.' 'But the president's
      initiatives are similar to what he has long supported and reflects
      many of the same alternative fuel proposals included in a broad
      energy bill he signed into law last summer.'

      Text of speech

      Story about Azaleas blooming too soon at park, so gardener applies
      ice. No mention of global warming.

      Nan Hildreth, Houston

      "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try going to
      bed with a mosquito."
      ~ Jonah Zern, Cornell Greens
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