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Seminar Feb 4th by Mrs. McDonald

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  • LaVerne Williams AIA LEED AP
    Dear hreg@yahoogroups, In keeping with my personal and professional mission that Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure (for our bodies as well
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2006

      Instead of Talking About Cures, Let's Talk About Cause. 


      Let's Talk About Why We're Sick???

      and What We Can Do to Rebuild Our Immune Systems Through Avoidance of the Chemicals that are Ruining Our Health.



      Most of us are not aware that a lot of money has been spent in getting Americans to focus on cures and to avoid the question of cause as it concerns our health problems.  However, a growing percentage of the population is becoming weary of taking drugs to sit on their symptoms while they continue to get sicker.  If you are one of them, and if you know there are real causes as to why we and our children are becoming so sick...causes that are not being discussed in the public spotlight...please continue reading.


      Do Any of the Following Affect You or Your Family?


      Chronic Fatigue


      Sudden or Inappropriate Weight Gain







      Premature Sexual Development in Our Children

      Frequent Sinus Infections


      Attention Deficit Disorders



      Autoimmune Disorders

      Chemical Sensitivities

      Hot Flashes


      Cold Hands & Feet

      Memory Problems



      The scientific community and some forward thinking health care professionals are beginning to understand what the environmental community has been saying for quite some time...that the primary reason we're so sick is due to chemicals we have added to the environment in the last 50-60 years...and thousands of these chemicals are in products that we purchase and use every day (and that the American people believe to be safe).  But getting this information out to the public is difficult.  Federal regulations protect the corporations that manufacture these products, and these companies form the majority of advertisers for the various media, thereby ensuring that the public is not informed as to just how problematic a lot of these products are.


      If you are tired of being sick (and tired) and want some real answers as to what chemicals may be in you, how they got there, what they're doing to you, and how to vastly reduce your exposure to them...see the reverse for information on an exceptional seminar.


      Saturday, February 4th, 12:00-4:00


      "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You"


      presented by


      Sue McDonald




      Most Americans are not aware that:


      ·         If you are a man in the United States , your odds of getting cancer at some time in your life are currently 1 out of 2


      ·         If you are a woman, the odds are 1 out of 3


      ·         Cancer is now the leading cause of death in our children, following accidents


      ·         90-95% of cancer is now acknowledged to be due to chemicals in our environment, and a lot of these are chemicals that we purchase and use on our skin and in a variety of everyday applications in our homes, schools and work places


      ·         Many of these same chemicals are being linked to childhood learning disabilities and developmental problems, obesity (you'll lose weight when you stop using these chemicals), infertility, asthma, depression, fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, inability to sleep (they're in most mattresses, too), and a myriad of other diseases and health problems


      ·         Many of these chemicals do their worst harm at extremely low...not high...levels, by disrupting hormones


      Find out why you are sick, why your immune system is weakening...and why you are not being told that the cause is chemicals (the same common chemicals that we are exposed to daily in fragranced products, personal care products, cleaning products, plastics, building materials, etc....and that we have been led to believe are safe).


      Learn what the fragrance industry, the petrochemical industry and the plastics industry are not telling you...and why the vast majority of doctors don't have this information.  (Also, learn why you're not hearing about it from the media.)  You can take charge of your health...but, first, learn what is ruining it.


      Plan on joining us for an exceptional afternoon of life-changing information. Due to Ms. McDonald's chemical sensitivities, PLEASE do not wear fragranced products to this seminar.  (Hint:  Read your labels, includung fabric softeners.)   Information and dates regarding future seminars can be found at www.amacwater.com.


      Seminar Location:   Indian Summer Lodge, 605 Columbia @ White Oak (in the Heights, north of I-10 between Heights Blvd & Studemont).  Park anywhere on Columbia .  Seminar is free to the public.


      Sue McDonald


      Why She Speaks Out and What Her Qualifications Are



      There are very few of us these days who can claim to be healthy.  Those of us lucky enough to have avoided cancer and heart disease (so far, anyway) are fighting other demons:  depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, a growing epidemic of diabetes and weight gain, infertility and a host of other medical nightmares.  Our children are plagued with asthma, premature sexual development, obesity, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders and other learning disabilities.  Why are we not asking (AND DEMANDING TO KNOW) "WHY?"


      There are very real...and very wicked...reasons why all of us have been carefully taught to focus on a cure rather than on cause.  Sue McDonald is a woman who is "mission driven" to inform the public as to the necessity of examining why we are all becoming so sick versus waiting until we have no recourse but to look for a cure.  All too often, the "cure" is either drugs to sit on our symptoms (while we continue to get sicker) or surgery or chemotherapy to remove our now diseased organs or ruin our immune systems (what's left of them, anyway) in an attempt to kill cancer cells.


      Why are we so sick?  Most of us know that diet plays a critical role in our health problems.  However, the other...and equally important...part of the equation is chemicals (and this is where we are woefully uninformed).  Harmful chemicals that we are deliberately being led to believe are safe are being manufactured and put into the vast majority of products on the market (products such as fragrances, cosmetics, our personal care and cleaning products, plastics, building materials, our children's toys, food packaging materials, pesticides, even our clothing and mattresses)...and a lot of these chemicals do their worst damage at extremely low, not high, levels.


      By being exposed to the 90,000+ chemicals in today's environment, we are, without our consent, participating in an experiment that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.  In her seminars, Sue exposes the reasons why government, the petrochemical and plastics industries, the pharmaceutical industry, the fragrance industry, the medical establishment, and even the news media all have vested interests in "keeping the lid on" the health care crisis being brought about by these chemicals...and in keeping Americans focused on a cure while having us avoid the question of cause.


      Sue came by her knowledge the hard way.  Like most of us, she gradually began experiencing minor health problems that she thought were "normal":  occasional headaches, joint problems, morning fatigue, allergies, difficulty sleeping, sinus infections, hot flashes, etc.  Then, after renovating a 6,000 sq ft home, she began gaining weight, she developed memory problems and depression, her allergies worsened, the frequency of her colds and sinus infections increased, her headaches and joint problems increased in severity, she became sensitive to fragrances and, finally, at age 49, after an exposure to one household chemical too many, her adrenal glands failed and her immune system "crashed."   Seemingly overnight, she became not just sensitive but wildly sensitive to almost everything imaginable:  foods, fragrances, fabric softeners, paper, plastics, mold, her pets...even electricity.  Her health devastated, she ended up having to move out of her home...under doctor's orders...and it was years before she became functional again.  The smallest exposure to chemicals she used to be able to at least tolerate to some degree, such as fragrances, plastics, car exhaust, synthetic clothing, etc., became incapacitating to her.


      But Sue was lucky.  By being fortunate enough to have been referred to health care professionals knowledgeable about environmental illness (E.I.) and by educating herself and making necessary changes to her environment, she has in large part regained her health and today, along with her husband, Alan, owns AMAC Water Products, the Houston-area home & office distributor of Mountain Valley Spring Water.  ( Mountain Valley is recommended by E.I. doctors due to both its world-class purity and mineral content as well as the fact that it is available in glass bottles, which E.I. doctors consider critical.) 


      Sue's seminars do three things:  first, they educate you as to what low levels of synthetic chemicals are doing to us and to our children; second, they teach you what to do to vastly decrease your body's exposure to these chemicals; and, third, they show you how to rid your body of these toxins.


      Sue was twice a guest on the Debra Duncan television show, has been a guest on numerous radio  programs (including hosting KPFT radio's "Open Journal" ), was a plenary speaker at the 2005 Texas Bioneers Conference, and has been named to the Citizens League of Environmental Action Now's (C.L.E.A.N.'s) prestigious list of "Houston Heroes".


      Make time in your life for this seminar.  It's important.  Plan on investing a few hours to learn what will undoubtedly be some of the most important information you have ever been offered.  Educate yourself???because what you don't know really can hurt you.  (To R.S.V.P. for this seminar or to inquire about having Sue speak to your organization or group, call AMAC Water Products at 713-937-8630.)





      "Great seminar!"


      "I have two degrees, yet this is the best "class" I have ever taken.  The compilation of information is life changing.  There is no way to attend this seminar and not make immediate changes."


      "An eye opener"


      "You know more than 99.9% of the healthcare network of practitioners!!  I am sure it has been frustrating???You are truly a pioneer."  (This from an M.D. who attended one of Sue's seminars)


      "Well prepared and passionate???"


      "More of Sue McDonald!"


      "Outstanding seminar.  Educates everyone on??? issues which dramatically influence human health."


      "Critical information everyone needs to know"


      "Extremely informative and persuasive"                                                         


      "It was wonderful."


      "I believe this is one of the most important seminars you could ever attend."


      "Never have I met someone willing to give so much of their time and energy to share such hard-earned knowledge.  What a valuable asset to Houston you are!  Thank you for your caring and good works."

      Dear hreg@yahoogroups,

      In keeping with my personal and professional mission that Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure (for our bodies as well as our homes), on Saturday February 4th, Sue McDonald is again having her Seminar.   

      Personally, I believe her seminar (which she holds monthly) could be one of the most important seminar's you could ever attend concerning your personal health and the health of your family.  More details about Sue and her seminar follow.  

      Please give her a call @ 713.937.8630 to let her know you will be attending.  (By the way, please don't wear fragrances (i.e., cologne, perfume, etc.) to her seminar.)

      LaVerne A. Williams,
      , LEED AP
      architect & building ecologist
      ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATES, Architects & Consultants
      30+ Years of Leadership in Healthy, High Performance Homes / Green Architecture
      Design Counseling
      / Consulting / Design / Construction Documents / Construction  Administration Services
      Recognized by the Citizens League For Environmental Action Now as a "Houston Hero" for the Environment, locally and nationally.
      Recipient of the Hershey Conservation Award from the Houston Audubon Society and other honors.


      On Saturday, February 4th,

      Let's Do Something Different: 

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