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[hreg] URGENT--renewable energy action alert!

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  • Kathryn Houser
    American Solar Energy Society Solar Action Alert September 14, 1999 Urgent!!! Background The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on HR 1655, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 1999
      American Solar Energy Society
      Solar Action Alert
      September 14, 1999



      The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on HR 1655, the House
      Science Committee's authorization bill for the Department of Energy's
      renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO)
      unsuccessfully attempted to increase the level of the authorizations
      within the House Science Committee. Now that the legislation is coming
      up for a full vote of the House, he is once again attempting to raise
      the authorization levels closer to those recommended by the

      ASES and other renewable energy and energy efficiency organizations
      (e.g., Solar Energy Industries Association and the Alliance to Save
      Energy) are working with Mr. Udall's office to find Republican sponsors
      of the amendment. At this time, however, Mr. Udall is leading the
      effort, and the Amendment should be referenced by using his name.

      Mr. Udall's amendment would restore approximately $138M to the
      Department of Energy authorization. Even at these levels, the FY 2000
      authorization would be less than what the President had recommended.
      The amendment is reasonable and will not, as some members of Congress
      will say, bust the budget. The amendment does, however, reflect the
      importance that should be placed upon the continued development and
      deployment of clean energy technologies.

      Why is the Udall Amendment Important?

      The Udall amendment is one of the most important renewable votes of this
      legislative season for two reasons:

      1. The legislation establishes authorization levels for both FY 2000 and
      FY 2001. Lower levels in FY 2000 will automatically transfer into lower
      levels for FY 2001.

      2. There have been no other opportunities this year to show detractors
      in the House just how important renewable energy is to their
      constituents and their communities. A strong public outcry for higher
      authorization levels will send an important and very loud message to
      members of both the House and Senate who say that no one cares about the
      development of clean energy alternatives and improvement of the

      What Needs to be Done

      1. Call, fax or e-mail your Representative, telling them to support the
      Udall Amendment to HR 1655.
      2. Please contact at least three people in your community asking them to
      call, fax or e-mail your Representative telling them that renewable
      energy and energy efficiency are, and should remain, national funding
      priorities and to support the Udall Amendment.

      What is the Message?

      There are two elements to the message:
      1. Vote yes on the Udall Amendment.
      2. Become a co-sponsor of the Amendment.

      When Should Contact be Made?

      Immediately!!!!! The House is on a very fast track to consider and vote
      on HR 1655. There is absolutely no time to lose. The immediacy of the
      problem is why ASES is encouraging you to use e-mail, fax and telephone
      rather than letters.

      To call your Representative through the Capitol Switchboard, dial
      202.224.3121. To e-mail, you may use the Web site www.congress.org
      (select "Write Congress").
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