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Re: [ok-sus] GM PLANT IS CLOSING-Buy Green and Local

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  • blpasemann
    I have one comment on this. Put out an American made Fullsize SUV getting 30+ miles per gallon, you couldn t make enough and wouldn t have to worry about
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 26 9:29 AM
      I have one comment on this. Put out an American made Fullsize SUV
      getting 30+ miles per gallon, you couldn't make enough and wouldn't
      have to worry about layoffs or sales. Your only problem would be
      controlling the crowds trying to crame into your store to purchase
      one, including my self.


      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, "John Miggins" <jmiggins@c...> wrote:
      > Thanks Bashir, that is great information and insight.
      > I too believe in Man's ingenuity and ability to master his
      environment. It is time that we start this process and become more
      proactive and opinionated or what is right and what we want. All is
      not glum, after all the sun is coming up again tomorrow morning.
      > Happy Holidays
      > "If not us, who, If not now, when?
      > Shall we begin....
      > John Miggins
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      > From: Bashir Syed
      > To: hreg@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 11:00 AM
      > Subject: Re: [hreg] Re: [ok-sus] GM PLANT IS CLOSING-Buy Green and
      > John:
      > I was a part of GE in 80's when they told me that GE cared for its
      employees from cradle to grave. But after Reagan fired several
      thousand Air Traffic Controllers GE's Jack Welch was the first to get
      the green light to act upon that signal in order to get rid of the
      Unions, and I was part of the first 300 in Utica's Electronic Systems
      Department (mostly Radar and EW work) to be thrown out of the door,
      till the number of employees reached from about 5000 to about 1500,
      and then they sold the entire business to Lockheed-Martin. Now in
      Syracuse and Utica area one cannot find any trace of General Electric
      company other than the lightbulbs in a hardware store (like David
      Letterrman who made fun of GE when he was working at NBC about his
      bosses). The big corporations are calling the shots by outsourcing the
      manufacturing because of hassles with the unions and for low wages
      (without worrrying about health benefits for some worker in
      Timbaktoo). After the energy giant came to realize that Fossil Fuels
      are not going to last forever, immediately these big (SHELL, BP, and
      GE) started racing to buy up most Renewable Energy companies (SHELL &
      BP in Solar/PV, but GE in Solar-PV & Wind) to create a monopoly 85% of
      world's market, to dictate prices, which has also created virtual
      shortage of Silicon (to increase prices of Silicon PV Cells/Panels).
      Thus there was a ruch to search for alternate materials to meet the
      Silicon Shortage, and Phillips and Seimens were the poineers to look
      into applications of Conducting Polymers to exploit their electrical
      property of PhotoVoltaics and then the Japanese got into the act to
      bring up the efficiency from 3% to 7%. As others saw this, the Nobel
      Laureate, Richard Smalley at Rice University (discoiverer of Carbon
      Nanotubes or Bucky Balls) was funded by Exxon Mobil to join in
      persuining the composites made from Conducting Polymers and Carbon
      Nanotubes, which increased the efficiency from 7% to 10% almost at par
      with Amorphous Silicon. Knowing this a few Eurpean academics rushed to
      Massachussets to Start Konarka, and enhanced its capability by buying
      out the Seimens Research Division engaged in Polymer Solar Cell
      Technology. After attending the two Solar Conferences (pAris 2004, and
      Freiburg Germany, 2005), I learnt that Polymer Solar Cells and Solar
      Thermal technology will run parallel with Silicon. But since, Polymers
      are cheaper to produce, this technology will grow rapidly to meet the
      Energy demands. Konarka's first customer is US-DoD to acquire tents
      with integrated plastic solar sheets, ready to work immediately under
      the sun in remote places. There are two more competitors in Palo
      Alto, Calif, but their work is a bit slow compared to Konarka's.
      Plastics Solar Panels (sheets) are cheaper to manufacture, and with
      10% efficiency (as good as Amorphous technology) it will take off
      rapidly while companies produce more Silicon, but the price of Silicon
      Solar Cells will not come down as expected in the past because of
      scarcity of Silicon, and the energy extensive process of extracting
      Silicon from Quartz sand. Man is ingenious and innovative!
      > Bashir A. Syed
      > Vice President, R&D
      > EnerTech Enterprises, Inc
      > Houston, TX 77058
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      > From: John Miggins
      > To: Oklahoma Sustainability
      > Cc: sustainabletulsa@yahoogroups.com ; hreg@yahoogroups.com ;
      SolarAustin@yahoogroups.com ; ntreg@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 9:17 AM
      > Subject: [hreg] Re: [ok-sus] GM PLANT IS CLOSING-Buy Green and Local
      > The Plant Closing at GM are indeed unfortunate and to announce
      it right before the holidays, bad news for many thousands of American
      Workers and to our communities.
      > Part of me feels outrage against this and GM in General,
      especially when you hear that there are opening plants in Brazil and
      other third world countries at the same time. To a large extent this
      is the result of bad decisions by the board on what kind of cars
      Americans want and what transportation we need. The higher gas prices
      did not help either when you are turning out $40,000 vehicles that get
      12 miles per gallon. Where is the Love. These are our neighbors and
      friends, part of our community and these are good paying jobs. Part
      of me sees this as a all too true analogy to how we as a society have
      been living and why we need to change.
      > The loss of jobs because of bluders on design and product
      offerings is a stark reminder of the circle of economics>
      > What you buy does affect the sustainability of our culture,
      standard of living and prosperity as a nation. Ignoring the economic
      realities of higher enery costs and the impact of these decisions on
      the rest of our economy is coming home to roost.
      > We can't afford leaders who don't get it. Leaders of Government
      and of Companies.
      > We need a comprehensive national strategy to map out a more
      sustainable society and how we relate to the environment, energy,
      amongst others within our economy and toward other nations. We need
      another Great Deal Movement, a Moon Shot for Sustainability.
      > Harness the great ingenuity and strength of labor in this
      country, even some soon to be ex GM workers, to work on projects in
      their communities that promote more sustainable living. Form
      cooperatives and incubators that promote and foster grass roots green
      companies that are close to the production and make/sell needed
      products within our communities. Products we use everyday. I like
      the idea of new modes of transportation, a worker owned plant and
      would buy a car from them immediately.
      > GM had a very popular electric car that they killed. A hybrid
      light truck would be a big seller. Lets work this idea further.
      > They could build low income housing, redo waste water treatment
      planst with some of the new technologies, produce solar panels and
      other positive energy products, make products we use and buy everyday
      but made in foreign plants (China) including shoes, clothes, and just
      about everything else these days.
      > We need to have community gardens, denser and more cohesive
      communities, more local circulation of the dollars we spend and
      concern for the full cycle of products and choices we make. We need a
      heightened awareness of our Responsibiity to change the way we think
      and act.
      > Groups like Oklahoma Sustainability Network and the chapters in
      Tulsa and Ok City and Stilwater and other to come, help tremendously.
      There are sustainability groups all over the country, we need to unite
      and collaborate better to be the change we want to see.
      > We need ideas and leadership to make this happen. A Sustainable
      Great Deal Project would start with a good name and a simple mission
      statement- Any ideas?
      > In the meantime, while you are enjoying your holidays and
      shopping this thanksgiving- Spend your dollar wisely, support the
      products and brands that are made locally and companies that give back
      to the community. Check labels and support American jobs. Invest in
      products that will help you personally improve your energy situation,
      getting our Nations House back in order starts with each one of us.
      > Buy Green and Buy Local
      > Let's spend our tax dollars improving our society at here at
      home and not worrying so much about how everybody else relates.
      > "If not us, who, If not now, when?
      > Shall we begin....
      > John Miggins
      > Harvest Solar Energy
      > www.harvest-energy.com
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      > From: Robert Waldrop
      > To: ok-sus@l...
      > Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 8:30 AM
      > Subject: [ok-sus] GM PLANT IS CLOSING
      > The news is on Yahoo and www.newsok.com .
      > The GM plant is closing.
      > This will be a huge blow to our local economy.
      > Do we have the courage to dream a really big vision?
      > The headline of the 5th edition of the Better Times Almanac said,
      > Do we have the courage to dream a really big vision in
      response to this plant closure?
      > I see a worker-owned cooperative taking over this plant, and
      manufacturing three vehicle lines:
      > + a small compact, high fuel efficiency, like the Geo Metro,
      > + a fuel efficient small SUV-equivalent
      > + a small fuel efficient utility truck
      > I see state and local government partnerships, venture capital
      funds, and bonds sold directly to the public providing the financing.
      > Can anyone else see this?
      > Robert Waldrop, dreaming away in Oklahoma City
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