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RE: [hreg] Responsible Building Practices

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  • Andrew McCalla
    Kayron, If you can t site the house in the shade..plant a shade tree..or several, as soon as possible. Your concerns in Dime Box will be cooling for certain.
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      If you can’t site the house in the shade……plant a shade tree……or several, as soon as possible.  Your concerns in Dime Box will be cooling for certain.


      Check out these fact sheets if you haven’t seen them:







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      Have you considered letting the vines grow on it in the summer, and trim them back in the winter for solar gain?  Trumpet vine grows like a weed in this part of the world and works great for this application.  Seeds on request.
      Bright Blessings,

      At 03:24 PM 11/22/2005, you wrote:

      I am building a 2 story house in Dime Box and want to construct it energy wise. The outer structure will be rock and hardiplank and it will have a metal roof. I plan to use a radiant barrier under the metal roof (any recommendations on type). The ceiling height will be 11 ft to accommodate doors with overhead transoms. We would like to use natural ventilation as much as possible, but realize Texas heat will force AC/heat use when the temperatures are extreme.
      What is the best way to insulate the house and to keep the structure cool minimizing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter?
      Wraparound insulation?
      Ventilated attic vs closed attic system
      Batt fiberglass insulation vs polyurethane foam insulation (Icynene) vs integrated structural walls.
      Any recommendations and info would be greatly appreciated.



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