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Solar EcoVillage Community

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  • t mcclure
    The Eden Project - A Solar EcoVillage Community. There are a lot of people looking for Eden. And I do believe there may be a reason for this. But where is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2000

       The Eden Project - A Solar EcoVillage Community.  There are a lot of people looking for Eden.  And I do believe there may be a reason for this.  But where is Eden?  Is it in the past?  Or is it in the future?  Well it's off the grid and that's for sure. But it may be time now for a new vision.  Eden is very real.  It really does exist.  Eden Valley is found in Mendocino County, California and very few people have ever even heard of it.  But yes, it is a very real place.  You may have wanted to find the right community for some time now.  And you know how hard that can be.   But Community is not an ordinary thing like so many people would have it be.  There is something very real about it that so many of us just can't live without.  You do have to be willing to really care enough about this community and the other people in it to make it yours.  We do need to hear from you.  And a little bit in depth about your self would be very helpful.  We do need to actually meet before too long.  We should all be people who see ourselves as people who care about the earth, want to make a difference and are getting ready to do that.  Because that's what this is really all about. Expect the best and  take care of the rest is how we live.  But this is not just another co-housing project. This is the true1,600 acre EcoVillage where everybody has a job and a home in that community.  There will be Ancient Valley, a 200 acre retreat area.  There will be 2 acre farmsites and 3 acres homesites.  There will be the Community Farm, about 300 acres to create jobs and to help drive our own Self-Sustainable Micro-Economy.  We will have Eden Village.  There are lakes, creeks, and mountains all around us, forests and wildlife.  What we're talking about is Permaculture, Sustainable Living, Egalitarianism, Right Livelihood, more than enough and some to share, protecting the environment and just plain freedom right here in the natural world.   Let us know if you want to be in our network.   We do have the beginnings of a new website up if you want to click on this:   www.edenproject.homestead.com   And link this from your own site if you can.  And yes, there is also the beginnings of a new egroup up you can get into by just sending a blank Email to EdenProj-subscribe@egroups.com  And yes there is Life Beyond the Sidewalks!   Walk in Peace!   - T  McClure

      The Eden Project - EcoVillage Community - www.edenproject.homestead.com    - T McClure

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