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Cultivate Green...Urban Trees...Green Homes 101

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    GREEN HOMES 101 workshop......URBAN TREES In keeping with my ongoing personal and professional mission for educating consumers about Green Homes, Green
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      GREEN HOMES 101 workshop......URBAN TREES

      In keeping with my ongoing personal and professional mission for educating consumers about Green Homes,Green Buildings , and Green Communities as beneficial habitats, and their vital importance to our health and well being, here is a free workshop.


      OK.  Here is Cutivate Green's 1st fall workshop for 2005


      It's about trees.....and how absolutely vital they are.....for shade,  transpirational cooling,  cleaning the air,  providing beneficial habitats,  creating edible produce,  stabilizing soil,  reducing runoff,  sequestrating carbon,  etc.,  but what are the the best trees for you?    For this region?    How do you care for what you have?


      David Hitchcock, AICP, MRCP, 

      Wendee Holtcamp, M.S.
      , and Todd Watson, Ph.D., Texas A&M Professor of Forest Science, all experts on trees and urban forestry, are our speakers. 


      As I am interested in all of the following, I will be attending.  Hope you will too.


      • Landscaping or planting trees at home, office, or in your work as a developer, landscape architect, builder, real estate agent, or nursery owner, and want to know your best options, including porous pavement.

      • Better understanding the values trees and forests provide citizens and communities.

      • Reducing your environmental footprint and helping future generations.


      For more information, go to:  http://www.harc.edu/harc/Projects/CultivateGreen/Documents/Events/Flyer20050921.pdf


      This workshop, September 21st from 6-9 PM, is being sponsored by Cultivate Green, an non-profit organization being formed by volunteers and incubated by HARC (the Houston Advanced Research Center ) to educate Houston area residents (and the home building industry) about how to have healthier homes that also use a lot less energy and how to save money in the process.  It is being held at the Univ. of Houston College of Architecture, Room 150.


      If you will be attending, please notify Terri Kurtin (TKurtin@...) or call 281.363.7926, so that we will be able to save you a seat.


      We would greatly appreciate it if you could pass these flyers on to others that may be interested.


      (Please note that in keeping with my promise to you that I would not share your email address with others, I am personally having this notice sent to you)




      LaVerne A. Williams, AIA, LEED AP
      architect & building ecologist
      ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATES, Architects & Consultants
      5828 Langfield Road
      Houston, TX 77092-1429
      866.815.2527 toll free
      30+ Years of Leadership in Healthy, High Performance Homes / Green Architecture

      Design Counseling / Consulting / Design / Construction Documents / Construction Administration Services

      Recently recognized by the Citizens League for Environmental Action Now as a "Houston Hero" for the Environment, locally and nationally.
      Recepient of the Hershey Conservation Award from the Houston Audubon Society and other honors

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