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RE: [hreg] HREG Call to Action

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  • Michael Ewert
    The website of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has this report. Perhaps some of our business members can register to provide equipment. Others
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      The website of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has this report. Perhaps some of our business members can register to provide equipment.  Others of us can pick one of the many opportunities to donate money, supplies or our time to help evacuees right here in the Houston area.


      The Federal Emergency Management Agency through the Southwest Emergency Response Network is offering registration in the National Emergency Resource Registry for any businesses capable of making a donation of materials or equipment useful to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Among current priorities are housing, transportation, and emergency supplies, and SEIA members capable of providing deployable power systems of any sort are urged to register them at the link provided. https://www.swern.gov/emergency/asset_app.php


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      During this disaster caused by Katrina hurricane, Solar Energy can provide lights, safe-drinkable water and cooking using solar-cookers.

      I believe HREG can contribute a lot. Let us get together for brain storming, and see how we can help the people in dire need.  Hoping to hear from you,


      Bashir A. Syed



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      Congratulations Bashir!  We look forward to hearing more about your travels and RE projects.


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      Wednesday, August 31, 2005 10:53 PM
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      I was in Freiburg, Germany this summer (June 23-25, 2005) to attend the Inter Solar 2005, prior to leaving for Pakistan, where our company EnerTech Enterprises is engaged in several projects, Silicon PV Panel assembly, Wind Farm, and Energy Conservation projects funded by UNDP. I returned to Houston about three weeks ago, and will send a report about my findings from Inter-Solar 2005, and RE projects abroad. I also became a Senior Member of the International Solar Energy Society in addition to my membership in ASES, APS, IEEE, UCS, and New York Academy of Sciences.


      Bashir A. Syed

      Vice President, R&D

      EnerTech Enerprises, Inc.

      (A Green Energy Company)

      1120 NASA Parkway, Suite 220W

      Houston, TX 77058

      Ph. 281-333-9889/Fax: 281-461-1150




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      I recently attended the joint American and International Solar Energy Societies annual conference in Orlando.  It was great!  I highly recommend it if you get the chance to attend.  Next years are in Denver and Beijing, respectively.


      As I listened to one after the other of many notable speakers, I realized that I should use climate change as more of an issue to push for renewable energy (in addition to other pollution, energy imports, domestic jobs, etc._)  The science is sound and the potential consequences of inaction are severe.  The speakers were also unanimous in their admonishment to keep up the good work spreading renewable energy.


      HREG will do just that at our next major event – our Renewable Energy Tour in October – and in many other ways.  But, we need volunteers to do it!  If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to get involved.  It doesn’t have to be a big time commitment.  There are things to do like answering email, distributing flyers, etc.


      Some of you have already volunteered to help with the Tour and you will be contacted soon.  I’ll try to outline other specific jobs that need doing in future emails but if you are brave enough to make an open ended offer to help, please let me know.


      Below are 2 specific opportunities to staff an HREG table; we especially need someone for 2 hours on Sept. 14.  I don’t have the address yet, but it would be some city building in Houston.


      Thank you,


      Mike Ewert/ HREG president


      There are two agency fair opportunites in the City of Houston CMC campaign:


      1.  Health & Human Services Agency Fair

          Wednesday, Sept. 14 from 11 - 1 p.m


      2.  Right of Way and Fleet Maintenance Division Agency Fair

          Wednesday, Oct. 12 from 8 a.m. - Noon.



      Please consider having a booth at these important events.  I realize that for some of you, Houston is a bit of a drive, but these events will give you the opportunity to get your message out to many City of Houston employees.  In fact, the Sept. 14 event will likely have over 700 attendees, and the Oct. 12 will have over 900 attendees. Each event will have available one table and two chairs for tabletop displays.


      If you would like to have a booth at either or both of these events, please email me (michele@...) as soon as possible, and I will contact the representatives from the CMC, then forward the location information to you. 



      Thank you,


      Michele L. Koch
      Earth Share of
      South Texas/Gulf Coast Representative
      210-381-5112 cell
      'One Environment.
      One Simple Way to Care For it.'


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