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New TxSES Newsletter ARRIVED

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    HREG, I have just received a large shipment of the latest TxSES Newsletter Reflector . The team in Austin and the contributors elsewhere in the state did a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2000
      I have just received a large shipment of the latest TxSES Newsletter "Reflector".  The team in Austin and the contributors elsewhere in the state did a wonderful job.  The front highlights a cute full-page ad for Roundup.  I would like to distribute the newsletter around Houston and I will need your help.
      I will start with handing out copies at the Sierra Club general meeting tonight (September 7) and with dropping off about 25 copies to Oral LaFleur at TSU.  I left about 25 copies for Mike Ewert at building 100/110 (security/badging) at NASA JSC - Mike, can you pick them up?  Let's think about giving them to teachers.
      I need folks everywhere else, especially on the westside, to volunteer to pass these around.  E-mail me with your snail mail address and I will be glad to send you some.  Include in your e-mail a quantity that you think you can distribute.
      The Reflector is a great read.  Remember, when handing copies to folks you meet, tell them there is a membership form at the back.  Afterall, we want to join up people, as well as educate, as well as invite them to Roundup.  Thanks.
      An agenda for the next HREG meeting on September 24 is forthcoming.  We will likely work on our presentation/tabling display board in preparation for Roundup.  I bought an easel and an accompanying small display board, usable as a stand-by or side display.  I will probably buy a full tri-fold display board next week, unless someone has one...yes?  See you.
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