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Re: [hreg] Peak Oil Conference July 9th

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  • John Hornsby
    Hreg Group: The energy bill (HR 6) was passed by the Senate. I am making a desparate call to all HREG members and purveyors of renewable energy across the
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      Hreg Group:
      The energy bill (HR 6) was passed by the Senate. I am making a desparate call to all HREG members and purveyors of renewable energy across the Nation to act now. Now that it has passed, there is a "conference committee" to try and sort out the differences in the House version and Senate version. There is one final step after that - President Bush's approval. He has called for the bill to be on his desk by August. PLEASE take some time to look at this bill. It is shocking to say the least that the government is so interested in nuclear energy (unstable, dangereous to national security, and bad for the environment - no matter where we dispose of waste), incentives to fossil fuel companies, and handing our tax money to these moguls. I am including 2 links with 2 separate schools of thought on the issue. One is from the GOP based United States Senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and one from Public Citizen. Any web search will lead you to the actual language of the bill, if you can understand it, as well as amendments that have been made. The provisions in this bill are nothing but bandaids placed over salt on an ever growing infected cut. I appreciate your time and future efforts.
      John Hornsby
      A-Phaze Electric
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      Subject: Re: [hreg] Peak Oil Conference July 9th

      End of Suburbia  www.endofsuburbia.com 

      www.netflix.com has a couple for rental but there's a waiting line for it.  You can rent free for a month (if you remember to cancel your subscription). 

      I have copies for sale at $20 by mail.  You can purchase from www.postcarbon.org for $25 plus shipping.


      At 10:01 PM 6/12/2005, Bashir Syed wrote:
      What is the title of this Documentary, and from where can one obtain this DVD?
      Bashir A. Syed
      Vice-President, R&D
      EnerTech Enterprises, Inc.
      1120 NASA Parkway, Suy=uite 220W
      Houston, TX 77058
      Bus. 281-333-9889/Direct: 281-286-3726.
      P.S. I will be out of the U.S. till August 8th, 2005, attending Inter Solar, Freiberg, Germany, and other International Consulting.
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      From: Jacques Huard
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      Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 7:59 PM
      Subject: RE: [hreg] Peak Oil Conference July 9th

        I've seen this Documentary earlier this year.  It was made in 2004 and I
      would say it is the most informative, interesting and shocking documentary
      of last year (and so far this year too).  After I saw it I purchased it on
      DVD, while my mind was racing as I was trying to figure out how I had become
      so uninformed.

      This film is a "Do Not Miss"


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      From: hreg@yahoogroups.com [mailto:hreg@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of Nan
      Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 6:36 PM
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      Subject: [hreg] Peak Oil Conference July 9th

      One possible, even probable future is rapidly rising energy prices this
      year or very soon.  This encourages use of renewable energy.

      Nan Hildreth 713-443-3104

      Are you prepared for rising gasoline prices?

      SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2005
      1-5 p.m.
      First Unitarian Universalist Church
      5200 Fannin Street @ Southmore, Houston, Texas 77004

      What is Peak Oil?

      After growing for a century, global oil production will
      peak soon and begin to decline. Then the price of oil
      will rise drastically changing our property values, food
      prices, and our economy. "Cheap oil is now just part
      of history. Expect $5.00 a gallon gasoline within the
      next few years" said Time magazine (5/9/05).

      Peak oil will be between 2007 and 2009 forecasts
      Houston oil investment banker, Matthew Simmons.
      The US government thinks the peak may be decades
      from now. Other experts predict the peak in late 2005
      or 2007. We'll never agree about when the peak is
      until it's well behind us say experts in the documentary
      film, The End of Suburbia.

      This movie, to be shown at the mini conference,
      shows how the aftermath of peak oil will be the end of
      suburbia. When we built the suburbs far from work and
      shopping, we assumed that cheap oil would continue
      forever. It will take more than a decade for the US
      economy to adapt to declining oil production
      according to energy analyst Robert L. Hirsch in a
      February report to US Department of Energy.

      For decades, movements have been growing that offer
      wise responses to peak oil: energy efficiency,
      alternative energy, sustainability, organic and local
      food, and smart growth. Come meet Houston
      representatives of these solution movements.

      Are you ready for rising energy prices? Bring your
      questions and ideas as we face the challenges of
      transition and envision a future without cheap oil.

      Schedule of Activities
      1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Workshops on how to prepare for the changes caused by Peak
      1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Screening of The End of Suburbia
      2:35 - 3:15 p.m. Panel discussion
      3:15 - 5:00 p.m. Open Space Technology - When attendees identify critical
      issues, learn from each other, & find solutions.

      Reginald Adams, Sierra Club BEC campaign & Pres. of LARA
      Dan Barnum, architect and city planner
      Bill Crosier, Progressive Action Alliance
      Brian Herod, www.HoustonSustainability.net
      Robin Holzer, www.citizenstransportation coalition.org
      Alfred Molison, Co-Chair of Green Party of Texas
      Juan Parras,,TSU Environmental Law & Justice Center
      Dr. Bob Randall, Urban Harvest, www.UrbanHarvest.org

      Community Involvement Committee of First Unitarian
      Universalist Church, www.firstuu.org
      Green Party of Texas, www.txgreens.org
      Green Sanctuary, First Unitarian Universalist Church
      Harris County Green Party, www.harriscountygreenparty.org
      Progressive Action Alliance, http://progressiveactionalliance.org
      TSU Environmental Law & Justice Center,

      Donation of $5.00 is suggested, but no one will be turned
      away. Funds in excess of expenses will be given to First
      Unitarian Universalist Church for the use of the facility.
      coming soon to gas stations near you... $100.00 Fill-ups

      Contact: Don Cook 713 705 5594 or Alfred Molison, AlfredM123@...
      713 726-9009
      Updates: www.ProgressiveActionAlliance.org

      Nan Hildreth, Houston
      713-842-6643   NanHildreth@...
      713-443-3104 cell
      3939 Luca St.
      Houston, Tx 77021

      Yahoo! Groups Links

      Yahoo! Groups Links

      Nan Hildreth, Houston
      713-842-6643   NanHildreth@...
      713-443-3104 cell
      3939 Luca St.
      Houston, Tx 77021

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