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Special alert: Tell your senators to add global warming pollution limits to the energy bill

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  • Earth Action by way of Tom Gray
    ======================================== NRDC s EARTH ACTION: The Bulletin for Environmental Activists June 15, 2005 ========================================
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      The Bulletin for Environmental Activists

      June 15, 2005

      Special alert:
      Tell your senators to add global warming pollution limits to the energy bill
      Take action now at


      "The Debate's Over" declared USA Today in its June 13th front-page story
      reporting that corporations, religious groups and politicians now agree with
      scientists that global warming is real and action is necessary. The story ran
      just days after the White House accepted the resignation of a top
      administration advisor with ties to the oil lobby after he was found to have
      altered government climate reports in order to cast doubt on global warming

      The ground is shifting just as the Senate is debating its version of the
      bill, and this year we have a real opportunity to pass meaningful legislation
      that would reduce global warming pollution and promote clean energy solutions.
      A number of senators (both Republicans and Democrats) are expected to offer
      amendments that would set limits for carbon dioxide emissions responsible for
      increasing global temperatures, rising seas, droughts and the resulting
      harm to
      fish and wildlife.

      Some of these plans, however, also would give huge subsidies to the nuclear
      power industry. Another proposal calls for voluntary action and industry self-
      policing, which is no substitute for a real limit on emissions. Other
      amendments would set mandatory limits, but need to be strengthened if they are
      to stop the growth of emissions levels.

      The Senate is scheduled to vote on the various climate amendments to the
      bill early next week, but the schedule could change at any time, so please
      contact your senators right away.

      == What to do ==
      Send a message *right now* urging your senators to support mandatory limits on
      global warming pollution without massive subsidies for nuclear power.

      == Contact information ==
      You can email or fax your senators directly from NRDC's Earth Action Center at
      If you prefer to call your senators, the Capitol switchboard number is 202-224-

      Please also forward this message to your friends and co-workers, and urge them
      to contact their senators as well.

      Thank you!


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