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RE: [hreg] Houston Sustainability Solutions Sat. June 18th

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  • Gary Beck
    I guess missed this mini-conference announcement. Can someone fill these blanks? When: Where: _____ From: hreg@yahoogroups.com [mailto:hreg@yahoogroups.com]
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      I guess missed this ‘mini-conference’ announcement. Can someone fill these blanks?






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      Sustainability is such an important concept.  It boogles my mind to think about it.  Houston had 2 million people 15 years ago, now, there are 4 million.  The Houston population is expected to reach 8 million (or was it 12 million?) by 2025.  Where will we get our water?  Where will we get our gasoline?  Where will be get our electricity?  Where will we put our trash and sewage?  Where will all these people live?  How many people can we put on a Freeway? 


      bjherod <myth@...> wrote:

      Houston Sustainability Solutions

      Sustainable solutions for Houston are only a conversation away.
      Houston Sustainability Solutions is a mini-conference that brings
      people together to talk about sustainable solutions for the bioregions
      that intersect in Houston .  We'll begin with a series of conversations
      about our bioregions then later in the evening hear from experts about
      some solutions to make Houston a sustainable city.

      Bioregional Conversation

      1-5 pm Bioregional Conversations

      Talk about what's going on in your environment.  Houston is the nexus
      of three major bioregions.  Bioregions are defined by unique soil,
      plant and animal life.  Feel connected with other concerned residents
      of these bioregions to work toward solutions for improving the quality
      of life for people and nature.  Get connected with other citizens
      working toward solutions for our bioregion.

      5:00 pm Dinner break

      8:30 pm Houston Sustainability Solutions Speakers

      What would it take to make Houston a sustainable city?  Hear some of
      Houston's experts speak about solutions for Houston .  Get inspired by
      speakers such as Cath Conlan of Bioneers and Blackwood Land Institute,
      Pat Greer of the Central City Co-op, Shawn McFarland, green architect,
      and Bob Randall of Urban Harvest and the Permaculture Guild.  Attend
      this unique event and begin to become part of the solution.

      This event is sponsored by The Artery and the Houston Sustainability
      Network which is committed to connecting and informing Houston 's
      citizens about sustainability. 

      Donations $5-$20 no one turned away for lack of funds. 
      To RSVP or for more information contact info@...
      or 713-480-6303 or
      www.houstonsustainability.net/congress.html . 

      The Artery 5401 Jackson at Prospect in the Museum District


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