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RE: [hreg] Still more on the solar house

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  • Robert Johnston
    I was in agreement with Kevin until I read Charles latest note below. E.g. I had an uneasy feeling about the proposal, in that it appeared self-serving (not
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 21, 2000
      I was in agreement with Kevin until I read Charles latest note below. E.g.
      I had an
      uneasy feeling about the proposal, in that it appeared self-serving (not
      that it wouldn't
      help others, but certainly would be of greatest benefit to Charles) and
      would make
      the professionals in our group feel taken advantage of, which I certainly
      would hate
      to see since they are such terrific resources for all of us (though
      hopefully we provide
      something of value to them in return).

      However, I like the way Charles puts it below. The idea of working
      collectively to put
      together a catalog of all the best ideas for the Houston area, and
      incorporating that into
      a house design, seems to me like a fun idea we could all contribute to. Do
      it as a group
      exercise, without Charles' needs specifically in mind, but then he or anyone
      else can build
      it later if desired, or use elements of the design. I'd propose that our
      help in the process, but that when it comes to the stage of actually drawing
      up plans, and
      then later, actually building one, we pay them for professional services
      rendered, perhaps
      encouraging our professional members to work together on the project as a
      team, or making
      them bid on it, for fairness (e.g., not to discriminate any one particular
      member in our group). I'm thinking mostly here of architects. Taking it to
      the design
      and/or building stages would depend, of course, upon obtaining funding.

      If the first stage was a catalog of ideas, e.g., giving various options for
      each element of
      the structure, such as papercrete, adobe, strawbale, aerated concrete,
      faswall, etc., for
      the walls, another list for the windows, another list for the roof, cooling
      system, etc.,
      and giving pros/cons specifically for the Houston area (with references),
      that would be a
      terrific resource. If this were done as part of our website, it could be a
      living document
      that evolves with time.

      My 2 cents...


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      Hello everyone,

      Thanks for all the feedback so far, most positive. However, I was a little
      disturbed by several of Kevin's comments.

      For one, I was not aware that award winning solar demonstration homes have
      been build in Houston (or that Mike has a solar home). If that is the case,
      why couldn't we have a solar home show here? I thought we discussed that
      but decided that there wern't any such homes available and you have to go to
      Austin for that kind of thing. Would like to know where these homes are so I
      could go see them.

      Also the comment that I am expecting the professional members of the HREG to
      contribute their time and expertise, basically asking them to work for free,
      and that will not be well received, it will be up to me to make this happen,
      my will, money, etc. It was never my intent to ask anyone to do anything
      they are not willing and even anxious to do out of pure interest in the
      project and promoting HREG and solar in general in the Houston area.
      Obviously I would pay for the house, using any discounts, grants, or other
      help that I can find, but would not ask for help from anyone who feels they
      need to be paid for just talking about such a project, since I thought that
      was what HREG was all about. Maybe I'm confused on this.

      But I do appreciate all the comments so far, and am serious about the whole
      thing. Oral's suggestion that we might find some funding to help out with it
      sounds interesting. Let's look at it this way. If we did research on an
      absolutely state of the art house of the future - not only energy efficient
      but healthy (filtered air to remove pollen and Houston's infamous pollution,
      clean water - carbon bed, reverse osmosis, etc) and made it as nice yet as
      economical as possible, and then actually built it, then maybe more people
      would build such houses too. I think that is an interesting project in
      itself, and probably there is lots of literature available that some of our
      members know about. Then I might be the first to build such a house, which
      would be a benefit to me, but hopefully everyone would enjoy being involved.
      Then again I might decide for one reason or another I don't want to do it
      after all - which I would need to reserve the right to do, but it would not
      have been a waste. At least, I don't think it would be.

      Anyway, would like to continue the discussion here and see what kind of
      consensus we can come to, if any. Hope everyone will contribute to the

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