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9th annual Cool House Tour, May 15th

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  • Texas Solar Energy Society
    (Please forward the following information to all interested parties) For a totally unique Austin experience, visitors are invited to join their neighbors for
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      (Please forward the following information to all interested parties)

      For a totally unique Austin experience, visitors are invited to join their neighbors for open houses featuring energy efficient & environmentally sound design and construction…in very cool houses.


      While other cities across the nation offer such tours, just Austin hosts a rigorous selection process such that only 9 of 22 nominated sites were invited to participate in this year’s tour.  And while other cities count their tours hugely successful if 250 visitors participate, the 2004 Austin Cool House Tour sold over 1,700 guidebook tickets through community partnership with Central Market.


      Visitors will see the buildings of the future today on the Cool House Tour 2005, Sunday, May 15th, from noon to 6 p.m.  Experience comfortable, family living with earth-friendly building technologies and all the amenities without compromising your conscience!


      These homes feature some of the best examples of passive solar design principles, energy and resource efficiency and environmentally friendly building practices in the state.  You will see:


      • Affordable craftsman cottages to high-end custom homes
      • Climate responsive design
      • Healthy, comfortable and stunning interiors
      • Least toxic and durable materials
      • Austin Energy solar rebate PV systems—talk to the owners and installers
      The featured nine homes rated by the Green Building Program include:


      1. White Residence, a Cat Mountain striking, contemporary design that uses a curved roof to create an exhilarating sense of space, an abundance of natural light and commanding views of the River;
      2. Westview Residence, a 3,256 s.f. beautiful, light and spacious family home that achieves superior energy efficiency and indoor air quality through intentional design details;
      3. Redden Granny flat, a small yet airy flat designed to be 100% wheelchair accessible while providing a cheery and gracious space;
      4. Black Residence, a modestly sized, charming infill project situated in a central Austin neighborhood that supports small lot amnesty;
      5. Garrison Residence, a light and open home on an urban infill, long and narrow lot presenting an orientation challenge that was ably met by the innovative design;
      6. Austin Habitat for Humanity model, one of eleven affordable homes in the first all 4-star subdivision built under the Green Building Program, demonstrating that green homes are possible for everyone;
      7. artStar Pottery Studio, a strikingly beautiful structure made of 2-story rammed earth walls and augmented by brilliant day lighting;
      8. Ryan Multi-Family remodel/addition, an adaptive reuse of an older 8-plex split into 4 rental apartments and a new 3-story, single family residence that incorporates outdoor spaces into each story;
      9. Hoffmann Residence, a Travis Heights sustainable home whose major rooms all have windows on at least 3 walls leading to dynamically changing daylighting, views and excellent natural ventilation.

       A guidebook, which serves as your ticket for entry and provides maps, is $10 and may be purchased at either Austin Central Market’s Information Booth starting this weekend. 


      “Visitors will be able to talk to the homeowners, architects, builders and installers at the homes,” says Kathryn Houser, Executive Director of the Texas Solar Energy Society. “These are stunning environments that will inspire you and provide great ideas for what you can do in your home.”


      All proceeds benefit the Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES), a nonprofit established in 1976 as the state chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.  The mission of the organization is to create public awareness about sustainable energy sources, energy efficiency and clean air. TXSES members may purchase a discounted guidebook on line at www.txses.org.


      Visitors are encouraged to carpool and may register with www.spaceshare.com/hometours to find neighbors to share car space and enhance their experience of community.


      The Texas Solar Energy Society and Austin Energy Green Building Program co-produce the tour.  Sponsors include Environmental Depot, Oliver Custom Homes, Green Mountain Energy, Central Market, KGSR, and Austin Chronicle.


      For more tour information, call 512-326-3391.




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