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SEI Workshops in Costa Rica

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  • lmreidy
    Solar Energy International presents two special opportunities to study renewable energy technology in beautiful natural settings in Costa Rica! There s only
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2005
      Solar Energy International presents two special opportunities to
      study renewable energy technology in beautiful natural settings in
      Costa Rica! There's only one spot left in the wind generator
      workshop, and that might be gone by the time you read this.

      There are eight spaces open in RE for the Developing World -- Hands
      On workshop. We're excited to have women from the Sol Vida solar
      cooking cooperative in Guanacaste coming to teach the solar cooking
      portion of the workshop in Mastatal. And to have Dr. Richard Taylor
      and students from EARTH University coming to help us build a methane
      biogas system for a local farmer. My son Louis, who works for the
      Solar Store in Tucson, Arizona, will be assisting me in teaching the
      rest of the workshop, along with some special guest speakers. Our
      other projects will be an upgrade on the solar hot water system we
      started last year, inspection and maintenance on a solar-electric
      system, and a hydro survey of a local stream. I hope you can come
      join us!

      See below for more information, and please request our complete
      logistics and lodging e-mail information packet.

      I'll be leaving for Costa Rica on February 15, and will probably be
      out of e-mail contact after that. So if you need information after
      next Monday, call or e-mail SEI directly.



      Renewable Energy for the Developing World-Hands On
      Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica - http://www.ranchomastatal.com
      Solar cooking, methane, solar electricity, solar hot water, other RE
      Monday - Sunday, March 7-13, 2005 * Tuition: US$650
      This seven-day workshop will include classroom sessions and labs, and
      will have a strong hands-on component. The workshop will focus on
      solar cooking, methane biodigesters, solar electricity, solar hot
      water, and other renewable energy technologies. There will also be
      survey coverage of wind and hydroelectric systems, and the social and
      financial issues surrounding RE in the developing world. Our focus
      will be on simple system that work in the real-word conditions in
      less overdeveloped countries.

      Rancho Mastatal <http://www.ranchomastatal.com> is an environmental
      learning and sustainable living center, retreat and lodge located in
      the last virgin rainforest of Costa Rica's Puriscal County. The
      property shares a significant border with the splendid La Cangreja
      Reserve, a protected area providing habitat for a number of
      endangered animals and flora. Rancho Mastatal maintains 7 kilometers
      of rainforest trails, connecting to a network of footpaths in La

      Lodging and food packages will be available to all workshop
      participants. More information on lodging, travel, and local
      logistics is available on request. Rancho Mastatal has lodging
      available before and after the workshop as well, and we will supply
      you with a list of other sustainability-oriented destinations in
      Costa Rica in case you want to plan a longer visit.

      Homebuilt Wind Generators
      Fundacion Durika, Costa Rica - http://www.durika.org
      Build wind generators from scratch with Hugh Piggott
      Monday - Sunday, February 21-27, 2005 * Tuition: US$650
      Participants in this workshop will learn to build a working wind
      generator from scratch. This is a shop class, and will include
      carving blades, winding alternators, and constructing and assembling
      all parts of a wind generator.

      Topics include:
      * Designing and carving wooden blades
      * Governing systems
      * Alternator theory and design
      * Yaw and tail design & construction
      * Winding coils
      * Wiring & fabrication
      * Fitting magnets into homebuilt alternators
      * Construction details

      Instructor: Hugh Piggott of Scoraig Wind Electric, Scoraig, Scotland
      For more information, see http://www.scoraigwind.com/buildyo

      Fundacion Durika <http://www.durika.org> is an intentional community
      in the Talamanca Mountains of southern Costa Rica. Their work in
      rainforest preservation, sustainable agriculture, natural health, and
      community activism is exciting and successful. The site is remote,
      cool, private, and refreshing. No drugs, alcohol, or meat are
      allowed, so please don't consider this workshop if you can't live
      without these. All participants must purchase a lodging/food package
      for $360 additional, which covers dorm lodging and gourmet vegetarian
      meals served in style. More information on lodging, travel, and
      local logistics is available on request. Come share this fabulous
      time with us in this special place!

      Each workshop is 7 days long, with the middle day open for local
      travel, education, or relaxation.
      Solar Energy International has been sponsoring renewable energy
      workshops for more than 12 years. Our staff includes leading experts
      in the renewable energy world, and our alumni work all over the world
      in the renewable energy industry. See our Web site at
      <http://www.solarenergy.org> for information on our full catalog of
      workshop offerings.

      Workshop registration:
      Solar Energy International
      PO Box 715
      Carbondale, CO 81623
      Fax: 970-963-8866

      Program information and logistics:
      Ian Woofenden, SEI NW Workshops Coordinator
      PO Box 1001, Anacortes, WA 98221
      360-293-7448 (home/office) 360-770-1520 (cell)


      Ian Woofenden
      Solar Energy International
      Northwest & Costa Rica Coordinator
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