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Fwd: Study gives technical go-ahead to 10% wind penetration in New York state

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  • Tom Gray
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2005
      >Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 14:31:50 -0500
      >From: "Christine Real de Azua" <Christine@...>
      >To: "Christine Real de Azua" <Christine@...>
      >Subject: Study gives technical go-ahead to 10% wind penetration in New
      > York state
      >Dear energy editor,
      >The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has
      >released the final draft of a technical study on integrating wind energy
      >into the New York grid, which concludes that a 10% penetration level of
      >wind can be accommodated without major changes in the planning,
      >operations, or reliability of the state's bulk power system.
      >"This technical analysis lays to rest any concerns about integrating
      >substantial amounts of wind energy into the New York grid, and finds that
      >more wind power will in some cases improve reliability," said American
      >Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Acting Policy Director Michael Jacobs. "The
      >technical findings will also be very useful to other regions that are
      >adding wind to their systems, even with regional differences."
      >In particular, the study found that:
      >* The incremental increase of 10% wind power can be accommodated by
      >existing processes and resource in NY state, whether this is in the
      >minutes, hours, days, or years management time frames;
      >* Even without forecasts, wind energy displaces conventional
      >generation, reduces system operating costs, and reduces emissions;
      >* No change to spinning reserve requirements would be needed;
      >* State-of-the art wind turbines improve post-fault response of the
      >interconnected power grid.
      >The study focuses on a wind generation scenario of 3,300 MW, corresponding
      >to approximately 10% of New York State's 2008 projected peak load. The
      >state's Renewables Portfolio Standard is expected to result in about the
      >estimated 3,700 megawatts (MW) of new renewable generation by 2013. This
      >final draft builds on a preliminary assessment released in early 2004,
      >which also indicated that large-scale wind generation should not cause
      >significant adverse impacts.
      >AWEA will file technical comments on certain sections of the study.
      >NYSERDA requested the study from GE Energy Consulting because of this
      >consulting company's widely recognized expertise on grid integration
      >issues for all technologies. Albany-based AWS Truewind, a significant
      >support contractor, supplied wind resource, wind plant production and
      >forecasting data to GE.
      >The study is available on NYSERDA's web site at
      >Please contact Christine Real de Azua at (202) 383-2508 for additional
      >information and industry contacts.
      >Christine Real de Azua
      >Assistant Director of Communications
      >American Wind Energy Association
      >Direct phone: (202) 383-2508
      >Fax: (202) 383-2505
      >Email: Christine@...
      >Web: www.awea.org
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